The Unification of Italy

  • Cavour's Realization

    Count Camillo di Cavour realized That Austria was his biggest roadblock in the way of unifying Italy
  • Napolean agrees to help

    Napolean agreed to help get Austria out of Italy
  • Garibaldi conquers Sicily

    Garibaldi and 1000 natoinalist rebels went and conquered Sicily to help unite Italy under one power.
  • A king is crowned

    After Garibaldi conqured Sicily the king of Sardinia was crowned Victor Emanuel II
  • Cavour and Garibaldi got everything except the Pope's land

    After Garibaldi conquered Sicily they only had one more piece ofland to take over. And that wasa the Pope's land.
  • Italy captures Venetia

    In 1866 Italy captured an Austrian province and was one step closer to becoming compeletly unified.
  • France Declares war on Prussia

    IN 1870 France declared war on Prussia. Which made French troops leave Rome and that left the pope defensless so the Italian army went and finished unifying Italy.