The Timeline of the Timeline Assignment

  • Assignment Emailed

    The assignment was emailed to all the students in the class. Each student was given the homework of selecting their topic for next week Monday. There are many interesting topics- from your favourite hobby to the life of an ant.
  • Period: to

    Timeline assignment

  • Thinking Hats on!

    Thinking Hats on!
    Begin to select the topic for your assignment. It might be a good idea to choose two topics. This way you can change your mind after you begin the research process.
  • Sunday Night Reminder

    Sunday Night Reminder
    Chat with a friend from class on Sunday and bounce your topic ideas off one another. Are you stuck? Ask your classmate to help you brainstorm with you! Remember, you must have your topic(s) written down- either on paper or electronically- in class Monday!
  • Monday's Class

    During Monday's class we will walk through the entire assignment to make sure you have no questions. We will also do a quick check that everyone has selected their topics.
  • In-class Work Time

    In-class Work Time
    Tuesday you will be given time in class to work on yoru assignment. This means you will need to do the following: research your selected topic; select 12, minimum, dates; go to the website www.timetoast and create an account; start the assignment.
  • Assignment Due at 9 am

    Email in the link by 9 am on Monday!