The teens of music

  • When Nil was born

    Nil was born the 10th of March of 2005 on an hospital in the Bronx.
  • Whan Núria was born

    Núria was born the 11th of April of 2005 on an hospital of Manhattan.
  • When Yasir was born

    Yasir was born the 1st of July of 2005 on the hospital Ärzte
  • When Martina was born

    Martina was born the 11th of September of 2005 on an hospital in Manhattan.
  • When Martina's parents got divorced

    Martina's parents got divorced when she was five, almost six years old.
  • When Nuria and Nil met

    Núria and Nil met when they were six years old and since that day they become best friends.
  • When Nil's perents got divorced

    Whan Nil's parents got divorced he was six years old.
  • When Martina and Yasir met Nil and Núria

    When Martina and Yasir met Nil and Núria they were eight years old and they didn't become friends at the moment, they were just classmates.
  • When we create the group of music

    When we create our group of music we were eleven years old, that day we pass from beeing classmates from beein friends. We decided to create the group of music because someone had told all of us we were good with something related to music, some singing and others playing instruments.
  • Our first concert

    We did our first concert the 19th of August of 2019, we did it on Manhattan, near to aou school, so our friends from school could come easily. We were 14 years old that day.
  • When we knew our idol (ariana grande)

    We were 15 years old when we met our idol, we have loved her since we were really young. For two or three months we were asking to Ariana and her manager if we could meet her, after almost four years asking, we could met her.