The Taking of Room 114 by Mel Glenn - nonfiction - 182

  • Chapter 1 pages 1-16

    Most of the seniors or students are waiting in line for their yearbook. The line isnt't moving at all. They are all complaning. Renata goes to talk to Mr. Wiedermeyer. 16 pages
  • Chapter 2 pages 17-37

    Weidermeyer's door is locked which is very unusual. He won't communicate except for written notes. Investigators soon arrive and evacuate the building. Everyone wonder who, what, when, and how he snapped. Everyone is confused.
    20 Pages
  • Chapter 3 pages 41-163

    Students from their freshman year through their senior year and the day the event took place write about their goals and how they felt the day of the event. They all told their stories and how it got better throughout the years. Until the day comes, Mr. Wiedermeyer is waving a gun around all the students are confused but mostly calm and are just waiting to get out.
    122 pages.
  • Chapter 4 pages 164-182

    The teacher sends yet another note asking for water to give to the students but wants a student to deliver it. The detectives send a cop under cover as a student. After delivering the water she steps back and says she has something in her bag for him. She pulls out a gun and shoots him in the shoulder. the students didn't have much to say niether did the parents or paparazzi except that they are glad everyone was safe.
    18 Pages