The Story of Me 3.0

Timeline created by modoming
  • Graduated High School

    al Jefferson High School, Class of 2011
  • Started at El Paso Community College

  • Dropped out of College

  • Moved to Mexico

  • Started Nursing School

    At El Centro Medico de Especialidades in Ciudad Juarez
  • Dropped out of Nursing School

  • Moved back to the United States

  • Started at El Paso Community College v2

  • Visited Mexico City

    and San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, MX
  • Eurotrip

    Visited Rome, Barcelona, and Berlin.
  • Graduated at El Paso Community College

    Received my Associate's in Education
  • Started at the University of Texas at El Paso

    Bachelor's in Education EC-6
  • Started Working at El Paso Independent School District

    Guillen Middle School Bookroom Clerk
  • Eurotrip v2

    This time, Rome and Florence
  • Baja California Trip

    Went to Mexicali, San Luis Gonzaga Bay, and Punta Final
  • Period: to

    Adult Life

    This timespan details my life after high school til now