The Sikhs Road to Independence B

By nep11
  • Saved the British

    Saved the British
    The Sikhs helped to save the British in the 1957 Munity and since then they have been the backbone of the Indian army.
  • The Gahdr Movement

    The Gahdr Movement
    In this many Sikhs were moved from the Punjab to the US, which was under british rule for labor and started groups called Gahdwaras and established societies. They were looking to get away from the restraints in India while trying to gain India independance from the British
  • Unrest among the Sikhs

    Unrest among the Sikhs
    During all of World War 1 their was tension among the seiks because of a demolition of a boundry wall and the trials of the Ghadrites, in whch the majority of them were sikhs.
  • The Lucknow Pact

    The Lucknow Pact
    This Pact gave Muslims seperate electorates and reserved seats and ignored the Sikhs.
  • Jallianvala Bagh Massacre

    Jallianvala Bagh Massacre
    Hundreds of Indians were killed in the sity of Amritsar, which was the holliest city to the Sikhs. It was also on a holy day, the birth of Khalsa.
  • Sihks Against Caste

    Sihks Against Caste
    Sikh leaders were denouncing the use of caste or religion to determine the from of National Government. This is a picture of Master Tara Singh, one of the leaders of the Sikhs.
  • Baba Kharak Singh gives speech

    Baba Kharak Singh gives speech
    on this day baba Kharak Singh gave a speech stating that reiterated the Sikhs determination not to let any single community establish its political hegemony in Punjab.
  • Sikhs Split Support

    The Sikhs split their support and the Khalsa National Party joined the Unionist coalition to run the Punjab Government. However other Sikhs supported the congress.
  • Sikhs Fear Conquer

    The Muslim league began to call for the creation of the sovereign state of Pakistan. Sikhs feared that this would result in full force under the Muslim Rule. Sikhs say they are willing to fight.
  • Muslims Districts Seperate Frm Punjab

    Master Tara Sinngh suggested that Muslim districts in Punjab seperate and the rest of Punjab become become a new state in generall
  • Partition of India

    Partition of India thus Punjab into 2 parts the Eastern part became the Indian Punjab and the Western part the Pakistan Punjab
  • Riots flared up in Punjab

    Riopts were falring up in the Punjab region, especially focused on women and children due to the partition of the Punjab.
  • New leader of the state was elected

    Gurnam Singh took over as cheif minister of the state