The secret garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett, fiction, 187 pages

  • The secret garden, 38 pages, total 925 pages, 1-38

    The first chapter introduced Mary and told how she is very rude and spoiled. He parents died so she has to go live with her unknown uncle. The second chapter is about how she meets Martha and they talk about her brother Dickon. Mary kept laughing and smiling at all the stories of Dickon and wanted to meet him. The third chapter is about Mary going to all the gardens and trying to find the door to the secret garden.
  • The secret garden, 21 pages, total 946 pages, 39-60

    The 4th chapter was about how much Mary got to know Martha and hear more stories. Also she loved playing in the gardens everyday. One day she thought she heard a boy crying in the house. The 5th chapter was about how one day she was in the garden and the red bird came and showed her they buried key to the door stivking out of the mud. The 6th chapter was about how Martha gave her a jump rope and she skipped around the garden. Then the bird shows her where the secret door is so she goes in.
  • The secret garden, 25 pages, total 971 pages, 61-86

    The 7the chapter was Marygoing into the secret garden adn finding all these died but saveable flowers. The 8th chapter was about Mary eeting Dickon and her showing him the garden. The 9th chapter was about Mary meeting her uncle and he let her have her own garden but he dosent realize that she means the secret garden.
  • The secret garden, 43 pages, total 1014 pages, 87-124

    The 11th chapter was about Martha finding out that Mary met Colin and that he didnt freak out on her and send her away. Then Colin wanted to see her at the end of the chapter. The 12th chapter was about Mary going to Colins room and they decided to be friend and they talked about the garden.Colins's docter and mrs. medlock stood and looked in amazement. The 13th chapter was about how Mary and Dickon made new plans for the garden and Mary also told Dickon about Colin.