The Scorch Trials by James Dashner 360 pages fiction

  • Chapter 1 - Chapter 8 (page 42)

    After escaping the maze, the Gladers are rescued from WICKED by strngers who take them somewhere and give them food and a place to stay. Teresa is seperated from the rest of the boys. In the morning, the Gladers find allof the people who rescued them dead, hanging from the ceiling. Teresa goes missing and they find a boy, Aris, who is part of another group n the same experiment as the Gladers. He and Teresa have the same role, but his version of Thomas is dead. (42 pages)
  • Chapter 9 - Chapter 16 (page 91)

    After the Gladers find their rescuers dead, food stops coming. This continues for 3 days before a huge pile of food and a strange man reading a book and protected by an invisible force feild appers. The man tells them that they have to participate in phase two of the trials. He says the maze was easy compared to whats coming. They are supposed to walk throught a flat-trans, that will transport them somewhere. When they cross the flat trans, they are in a completely dark hallway.(50 pages)
  • Chapter 17 - Chapter 22 (125 pages)

    In the dark hallyway, the Gladers hear a voice that says "turn back now or you might be cut" They dont know what this means until a bot stars screaming and wriggling on the ground. When Thomas gets to him, his head has turned into a metal ball. The ball shrinks and falls off. This happens twice more before they get to a door at the top of the hallway. When they open the dorr, it is incredibly bright and hot. Then Winston gets hit by a flying ball of heated metal that tries to surrond his
  • Chapter 17 - Chapter 22 continued

    face. Thomas is able to rip it off, but it leaves Winston cut and burnt. They walk acroos the desert for three days, toward a city before Thomas sees a girl he thinks is Teresa. When he goes to find out, he finds her acting like she's possesed untli she recognizes him and tells him htat he and the Gladers have to leave. They leave her behind. they continue toward the city and see a man that tells them a storm is coming. It gets windy and there is a lot of lightning that kills (35 pages)
  • Chapter 23 - Chapter 37 (214 pages)

    The Gladers make it to the city the storm and into a building and find a group of Cranks lead by new Cranks, Brenda and Jorge. Thomas tells Jorge about the cure Rat Man promised them, Jorge agrees to help the Gladers get to the Safe Haven. Out of the group of Cranks, only Jorge and Brenda come with the Gladers and the other Cranks get mad and blow up the building. Thomas and Brenda are seperated and get trapped in the tunnles under the city, where the Cranks past gone live. (100pages)
  • Chapter 38 - Chapter 46 (273 pages)

    Brend and Thamos get attcked by a group of Cranks past gone and are kidnapped when and taken to a club, where they are drugged .He cranks that took them knew that Thomas was the same one as was on the signs all over the city. Minho and the rest of the Gladers rescue them. They continue through the city and meet up with group B. They take Thomas and say they have been told to kill him.
  • Chapter 47 - End (360 pages)

    Teresa and Aris take Thomas away trom the rest of the group, who has decided not to kill him. They lock him in a room full of gas. Teresa comes back for him. She had told him to trust here because everything she did to him was against her will. They find the other groups who are waiting in the middle of the desert by a stick in the ground that has Safe Haven written on it. They wait for about 20 minutes before Grievers apper, one for each srviver. A storm also starts. The Gladers fight the
  • Chapter 46 - End continued

    The Gladers fight the Grievers and shelter the storm in the Griever Pods until they hear a Berg approaching. They get out and run to the Berg. When they get there, the people inside want to know who Brenda and Jorge are. They say that one of them has to die. Thomas chooses Brenda but they don't kill her. Everyone is told to go take showers and eat. Thomas is led to a white room with nothing in it. Brenda talks to him in his head saying WICKED is good.