The Road an Angus Show

Timeline created by NancyBRobinson
  • Picking Out Your Show Animal

    Picking Out Your Show Animal
    Before you can show, you need to have something to show! Going to an Angus cattle auction is very exciting! You go and look at the cattle, pick out what heifer (female cow who hasn't had a calf), bull, or steer. Another option is to raise your own show animal. You can also show cow/calf pairs. But, it all begins at the cattle sales.
  • Breaking Your Animal to Lead

    Breaking Your Animal to Lead
    Often times, when you purchase an animal, it is not trained. They might even be fearful of human contact, but will become very docile with hard work and dedication. Halter breaking can be tough, but once you get it down your animal will follow you anywhere. Trust is key!
  • Washing Your Angus Heifer

    Washing Your Angus Heifer
    Heifers are shown most often, and after you pick out your heifer there is a lot of work to follow (the same is for all animals shown). You will need to help your heifer's hair grow, so she looks nicer at the show. Washing and brushing her daily will help the hair grow healthy and strong. We wash our heifers nearly everyday, even in the cold!
  • Caring for your Angus Heifer

    Caring for your Angus Heifer
    There is a lot of care involved with your Angus heifer. Not only do you have to keep her clean, you also will have to water, feed, and give hay every day to keep her healthy and happy! More care includes vaccinations, health records, breeding, etc. A good mix between stall time and time outside in the sun eating grass works well.
  • Traveling with Cattle

    Traveling with Cattle
    Getting your animals to the show is a big deal. When leaving the state, there are many regulations to follow. To ensure that diseased animals are not being transported from state to state, there are certain vaccinations and vet checks that are mandatory for traveling with cattle of any breed. Also, planning is necessary when traveleing. Often shows are during the summer months, and it can be pretty hot outside at that time. Making sure your cattle are safe, cool, and comfortable are a must.
  • Connections You Make

    Connections You Make
    Showing Angus cattle, or any other breed, or any other animal, is not just about the animals. You meet many, many people who have the same interests as you do. You will make many friends and new connections you would never imagine.
  • Opportunities for Juniors

    Opportunities for Juniors
    Showing Angus cattle is a great activity for youth. I have shown cattle since I was 9 years old, and have learned so many important skills like the value of hard work, dedication, and the importance of friendship and respect of animals. There are many other opportunities at a cattle show, including activies like speech teams and sales teams.
  • At the Show

    At the Show
    Cattle shows are very busy! There are many different classes that break the animals into age groups to be judged. Showing in the ring is what you have worked for! Everyone is there to have fun and win! But, most importantly, have fun.
  • Winning!

    It feels great to win! All of your hard work has paid off. This photo is of me with my cow/calf winning Reserve Grand Champion Cow Calf Pair in Louisville, KY
  • After the Show

    After the Show
    After the show, you can let your heifer relax. You can put her out in the field and let her raise a calf, continue to show her as an adult, or both!