The Republican Party

By LexyyM
  • John C. Fremont

    John C. Fremont was the first republican president of the party. It set up that the party was to divide politics, political turmoil and internal division particulary over slavery.
  • First meeting

    The first Republican party meeting took place in Ripon, Wisconsin.
  • "Under the Oaks"

    In Jackson, Michingan, 10,000 people showed up for a meeting "Under the Oaks" which led to the first organizing convention in Pittsburgh. The convention led to blows against Charlse Sumner about anti-slavery.
  • R.P.

    The Republican party controlled the majority in the House of Represenatives at the time among all other parties.
  • Slavery

    The Republicans worked to deal with blow to slavery with Lincoln's Emancipation Proclomation of the 13th amendment. In which, it outlawed slavery.
  • Civil Rights

    They passed the Civil Rights Act recogninzing blacks as U.S. citizens. It hoped to weaken the south by not letting states restrict blacks from owning their own properties.
  • Republican Congress

    The Republican congress passed the national eight hour law.Allowed employees not to be over worked. Which was a limit of 8 hours a day.
  • 14th Amendment

    The Republicans propsed the 14th amendment. That every American born in the U.S. shall have no privileges taken away.
  • Symbols

    Republicans party's symbol is a red elephant that goes against and bigger against the Democrat donkey which is blue.
  • 1st Republican Women

    Jeannatte Rankin was the first republican women to serve in the house.
  • Elections

    Ronald Reagan had ran for presidency and he was prominsing along with the election a New Federalism.
  • A promise

    Ronald Reagan promised to restore American's pride in itself. In his 1st term, he brought women into office.
  • Republican Women

    Reagan brought Sandra Day O'Conor as the first female in the Supreme Court. Elizabeth Dole was the 1st female secretary of transportation. Also, Jeane Kirk Patrick was the 1st female U.S Represenative to the Untied Nations.
  • Re-elections

    Reagan had been re-elected. It was the largest Republican landlslide victory in history.
  • Communism

    There had been a collapse of communism. It was a surprisngly threat during the beginning of Reagan's 2nd term.
  • National Commitee

    The Republican National Commitee wanted to refocus on keeping their party successful. To continue with independence, freedom, personal responsibility and reduced government.
  • A new contract

    The house of republican members and candidates created a contract with America. It was to help independence liberty. Therefore, 367 candidates signed the contract.
  • "Swing"

    The people voted for a new American majority. It was known as the biggest "Swing" of the 20th century.
  • Majorites of Republicans

    The Republican gained majorities in both the house and state. Not one Republican govenor, senator or represenative lost.
  • To this day

    The Republican party has become pro-business about tax cuts and defense.