The Raj-British Imperialistic Control of Control of India

  • British Start their Dominate

    British East India Company sets up trading posts in major coastal cities, but the Mughals kept the foreigners under control.
  • British make a move

    The Mughal Empire was falling apart and the British moved in to the smaller states headed by maharajahs and established dominate relationships.
  • East India Company Takes over

    The East India Company takes advantage of the situation. Robert Clive and the company army defeats Indian resistance at the Battle of Plassey From this moment, a British Company is the strongest power in India
  • Period: to

    The Raj

    A company ruled India without Governmental interference British Officers lead Indian troops (Sepoys) “Jewel in the Crown”—the most valuable of all the colonies

    World’s Workshop” needs markets! British Restrict Indian economic development Produce raw materials and buy our goods!!! Indian Competition of British Goods was Prohibited Railroad makes India profitable-raw materials out manufactured in!! Control through money, influence, military power
  • Good Things

    ? All related to British Interests 3rd largest railroad network Modern communication-telephones/telegraphs Waterworks-dams, bridges, irrigation Sanitation, public health Education, increased literacy Law and Order, peace
  • Bad things

    British held Political and Economic Power Emphasis on cashcrops hurts subsistence farmers
    Caused famines Increase of British presence, racism Christianity influenced India
  • Super Tension!!!!!

    British controlling their land Trying to get the Indians to Convert to Christianity Hate the constant racism
  • Sepoy Rebellion/Mutiny

    Rumor spread that new ammunition was sealed with animal fat Not good when you have to bite off the tip-Hindus and Muslims Hindus both offended Mutiny spread throughout Northern India East India Company took a year to put the rebellion down-with the help of the British Army The Rebellion failed because of no leadership, scared of each other, not all Indians turned on the EIC
  • Period: to

    British Government Controls

    Because of the Rebellion, The British Government took over India Raj-timeframe where India is controlled by Britain
    Mutiny increased British mistreatment and racism