the Presidents

  • Period: to


  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    freed the slaves saved the union
  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson
    After lincolns death Johnson took over. he was a southern demicrate.
  • Ulysses s. Grant

    Ulysses s. Grant
    simble of uninon victory. Known as a bad presadent Because of severral scandals
  • Rutherford B. Hayes

    Rutherford B. Hayes
    Known to be very honest and changed america with moderate reform
  • James Garfield

    James Garfield
    assasinated early in presadency
  • Chester A. Arthur

    Chester A. Arthur
    Passed civl sercise comissions
  • Grover Clevland

    Grover Clevland
    pased a pill that gave grain to farmeres in texas who suferd a drought
  • Benjamin harrrision

    Benjamin harrrision
    faced meny tariff isues
  • Grover Cleveland

    Grover Cleveland
    Angered civl war vets by vetoing a bill that suported them also angerd railrode imployies
  • William McKinley

    William McKinley
    was responsible for the 100 day war that destroyed the spanish fleet