The Peloponnesian War

  • 404

    Athens Surrenders

  • Period: 404 to 413

    3rd Stage of the Peloponnesian War

    Under the advice of Alcibiades, Sparta invades Attica. Athens continues to send ships and men to Sicily even though it is disastrous. Athens, which had started the war with the advantage in naval battle, loses this advantage to the Corinthians and Syracusans. Sparta then used Persian gold from Cyrus to build her fleet and destroys the Athenian fleet at the Battle of Aegosotami. The Spartans are led by Lysander.
  • Period: 413 to 421

    2nd Stage of the Peloponnesian War

    Corinth forms coalitions against Athens. Alcibiades stirs up trouble and is exiled. Betrays Athens to Sparta. Both sides seek the alliance of Argos but after the Battle of Mantinea, where Argos loses most of her military, Argos no longer matters, although she becomes an Athenian ally.
  • 421

    Peace of Nicias

  • Period: 421 to 431

    1st Stage of the Peloponnesian War (Archidamian War)

  • 427

    Athenian Expedition to Sicily.

  • 427

    Athenian Expedition to Sicily.

  • 427

    Athenian Expedition to Sicily.

  • 428

    Revolt of Mitylene

  • 429

    Pericles dies. Siege of Plataea (-427)

  • 430

    Plague in Athens

  • 431

    Peloponnesian War begins. Siege of Potidaea

  • 432

    Revolt of Potidaea

  • 446

    Athens and Sparta sign 30 years peace treaty

  • 449

    Persia and Athens sign peace treaty

  • 449

    Athens and Persia sign peace treaty

  • 451

    Athens and Sparta sign five-year treaty

  • 477

    Aristides forms Delian League