The Ovechkin Project by Damien Cox & Gare Joyce,nonfiction,273

  • Prologue and Chapter One (Vancouver)

    They indroduce his success in the Olympics and in his Profesional carrier. They tell us how much success he had in the world of sports. 1-18 pages Total Pages 18
  • Chapter 2 (Dynamo)

    They Introduce his family members and tell us his mom is an Olympic gold medalist for Basketball. They tell us how his hockey carrier began by his brother Sergei telling his mom to make him play. They Describe that he was not the strongest player but worked the hardest. 19-35 pages Total pages 35
  • Chapter 3

    They explain his tour through Europe and his amount he played. They tell us that his brother has passed away. page 36--58 total page 55
  • Chapter 4

    They tell us that he had signed with the Washington Capitals. They esplain that he is going to be a star. pages 59-71 total pages 66
  • chapter 5

    They explain how much they travel from all sorts of locations. They tell us he goes from europe to US to play a game.73-90 total page 83
  • chapter 6-8

    They explain the traveling back and forth from places gearing up for the Olympics. They explain how the placed and how the lines were choosen. 91-182 total pages 174
  • chapter 9- epilogue

    They tell me that there were problems with a plane crashing which he was scheduled to be on. They explain that he missed his flight because he nevere got up and that is what saved his life. 183- 273 total pages read 273