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The Origins of the Internet

By jbiggs
  • Galactic Network

    Licklider writes a reasearch describing his proposal for a Galatic Network. A network that could speedily share data.
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    Origins of the Internet

    Origins of the Internet
  • ARPA

    ARPA creates a computer reasearch department called IPTO ( Information Processing /technologies Office)
  • Packet Switching

    IPTO begins developing a computer network capable of transmitting information over the telephone lines using a method called patchet switching
  • System called Circuit Switching

    An analog system called circuit switching is made. In circuit switching, information information flowing between two callers is restricted to one direct line
  • Digital packet switched

    Leonard Kleinrock, installs the first computer processor capable of handling digital packet switched data on a UCLA "host" computer.
  • UCLA forerunner of Internet

    UCLA computer sends it's first packet of data over a telephone line to a computer at the Stanford Research Institute
  • E-mail

    ARPAnet researchers develop a computer program that enables people to send brief messages to each other across the internet
  • The Internet

    BBN, and Stanford create the internet by developing a type of communication software called TCP/IP
  • Creation of Search Engines

    Computer researchers begin to address internet problem by making programs to search for and locate information
  • World Wide Web

    In 1990 Tim Berners Lee creates the World Wide Web. This allows the Internet to display photographs, video, and sound.
  • HTML

    Tim Beners Lee creates the HTML( Hypertext Markup Language), to control the way that images on the web appear.
  • Gopher

    The search program Gopher is developed at the University of Minnesota, and becomes available to the public.
  • Invention of WAIS

    Computer researcher at Thinking Machines Corporation invents the Wide Area Information Servers. This permitted users to search for files based on their actual content
  • Mosaic

    Marc Andressen, and Eric Bina make Mosaic this allowed images to be displayed directly on the web
  • Hyperlink

    Mosaic also added a feature called the Hyperlink. This allowed users to jump from one document to another by clicking on a link.