The origins of Greek civilitation

  • 3000 BCE

    The Minoan civilitation

    It started in Crete, an island strategically located along the sea routes between Europe, Asia and North Africa.
    Its name came from the mythological king Minos, son of the god Zeus.
    They were very rich because of trade with other regions. They built palatial administrative centres.
  • 1400 BCE

    The Mycenaean civilitation

    The Mycenaean lived on the Peloponnese, the south peninsula of Greece. nt cities: Mycenae.
    They were organised into small state whose palatial centres were governed by a wanax or sovereign.He controlled all palitical, economic and military activities.
    THeir main activity was agriculture, but they developed trade aas they expanded towards the Awgean Sea.
  • 1100 BCE

    The Dorian civilitation

    The Dorians were from northern Greece. They invaded the Peloponnese using iron spears which were lighter than the bronze spears used by the Mycanaean.
    They founded cities on tye coast of Asia Minor, now Turkey.
    The Greek Dark Age began. Because it was a period of economic and cultural decline, not many historical souces have survived.
  • 776 BCE

    The Archaic Period

    The firts city-state or polies arose. These were communities of frww citizens that had a system of self-goverment.
    Navigation developed as a result of a shortage of farmland. This led to Greek expansion along the Mediterranean.
  • 490 BCE

    The Classical Period

    This was the period of maximum prosperity for the Athens, where they started a democratic regime.
    It was also aa time of cultural splendour.
  • 334 BCE

    The Hellenistic Period

    The kingdom of Macedonia became very powerful. Alexander tye Great created one of the greatest empires of Antiquity.
    Rome conquered Greede in the 2nd century BC.