The Oregon Trail

By psolarz
  • Starting out in Independence, MO

  • Packing our wagons

    Packing our wagons
    Today we are packing our things in our wagons. We are packing dishes and things for us to wear. We are all checking to make sure that we packed every thing until... (Caroline and Allie)
    Continued on forgetful
  • Forgetful

    We realised that we forgot some inportant things, like mediciens and and some cantiens of water. We forgot some of the most inportant things. So we went back to the store to get all the things we needed for the trip and double check this time.
  • Good soil!

    Good soil!
    We learned today that some people moved west in the 1840's and 50's because there was rich soil. Kristin.
  • Gold!

    Some people also went west because there was gold. Gold would make them very rich and wealthy! Kristin.
  • More land

    More land
    Some settlers wented to move twest because they needed more space. Allie
  • Inexpensive of Free Land!

    Inexpensive of Free Land!
    We learned today that people that moved west could find inexpensive or even free land if they moved west. This could give them a new life. Kristin.
  • Shopping

    We are shopping for supplies we will need for trail. Like medicines,food,water,oxen,tools we are going to need like a compess.We will probly need a lot more stuff to take with us.
  • Topeka, Kansas!

    Topeka, Kansas!
    We are in Topeka, Kansas. Kristin.
  • Indians!

    We met indians on our way into Nebraska. They wanted a toll so we gave them whiske, fur, jewelry, and $100.
  • Someone died!

    Someone died!
    The indians we met got angry and killed someone, Joe Blemont. Luckily, he wasn't in our class. But it was sad.
  • Platte River.

    Platte River.
    We had to cross the Platte River and we took off our wheels on the wagon and made a raft. It took 3 days but it worked!
  • History Alive

    History Alive
    we went to study some things on history alive
  • Todaysmeet.

    We went on Today's Meetto decide how to cross the Platte River
  • reflections

    we reflected on our day
  • Dutch vermont gets sick

    Dutch vermont gets sick
    dutch vermont (or aidan) gets an unknown sickness
  • we get scammed

    we get scammed
    dr.velociraptor (or mr.solarz) scams us into buying fake snake oil for dutch
  • Snake Oil

    Snake Oil
    We needed to buy this snake oil too cure Dutch Vermount becuase he was sick but it didn't work.
  • People going forwards to go find dr.volasarapter

    People going forwards to go find dr.volasarapter
    It was a skam and we have to go forward to get our money back becuase he said it would work at it didn't work it just made him more sick.
  • Dutch vermount Feels Better

    Dutch vermount Feels Better
    Dutch vermounts fever has gone down and is feeling better but he can still not walk, I hope he can walk SOON!
  • We Buy Flour

    We Buy Flour
    We had to buy another barrel of flour because we lost one traveling on the river.
  • We are Bored

    We are Bored
    We are SOOOOOO bored and have nothing to do we are tring to think of games to play because we are so bored.
  • We get medicine for Dutch Vermont

    We get medicine for Dutch Vermont
    We sent a few people from our group to go to Fort Kearney to get Medicine for the feverish Duth Vermont.
  • button Whizzer

    button Whizzer
    This is a game that you can play and it will make a weird sound when it spins.
  • New Destination

    New Destination
    We are very Excited about our next stop. (But some of us aren't exactly sure what it is, so that's why there's a question mark).
  • We have arrived!

    We have arrived!
    We arrived at the Destination we all have been so excited about! Chimmney Rock and Courthouse Rock. Both are very huge rocks. Yet amazing.
    (This is Courthouse Rock and Jail Rock)
  • Problem Fire Wood

    Problem Fire Wood
    We ran out of fire wood and now we need to get buffalo chips and it did work.
  • Problem!

    We all are getting blisters on our feet because we have been walking so much. they really hurt. So we are trying to find out how to cure them.
  • Even bigger Problem with the blisters!

    Even bigger Problem with the blisters!
    We had a meeting and decide to pop the blisters with needle that were burned over the fire to clean it. Huge Mistake. A lot of people got their blisters infected Because the needles were burned over a fire made out of buffalo chips!
  • Chinese Immigrants and 49ers.

    Chinese Immigrants and 49ers.
    We saw some Chinese Immigrants and 49ers mining for gold and valuable goods.
  • Mexicanos

    mexican cowboys
  • Nec-Perce Indians

    Nec-Perce Indians
    We met some nec-perce indians.
  • Other Pioneers

    Other Pioneers
    We saw some other people who wanted cheap farm land and went on the oregon trail with by us.
  • Running out of Time

    Running out of Time
    We took to much time trying to make a decision to cure cholera so, two of our people in our group died. Some other people also caught cholera.
  • Cholera With Water

    Cholera With Water
    Christine and Sophia had cholera and were very sick. We decided to give them water with salt and sugar but it was too late... They died :(.
  • The death of Christine DuPont and Sophia Castro

    The death of Christine DuPont and Sophia Castro
    Christine and Sophia caught cholera and they died because they didn't get enough water.
  • 49ers

    These are 49ers who have looking and working for gold.
  • Mexicanos

    We have met the Mexicanos and they are very interesting people. They have cowboys called "Vaqueros" and they have ranches called "Ranchos".
  • Mormons

    We met a group of people called the Mormons. They are very religious and they are like amish people. They have a very interesting history like being told to move around alot and needing to leave their homes.
  • Dynamite

    We chose Dynamite to blow a hole in the mountain and hide from the storm
  • Storms a-comin'

    Storms a-comin'
    "BOOM" A huge storm hit us. Lucky for us we right away stated to dig a big hole to put the oxen in, We then hid ,too.