The New Band

  • When we first met?

    When we first met?
    We met when we were seven years old in the Royal Academy of music in London
  • Period: to

    During The Royal Academy Music School.

    We learn a lot of things about music. And that's why we know a lot of things of music. All of us had a talent for music, also it was our favourite hobby.
  • Period: to

    After The Royal Academy School

    After school all the Saturdays we met at house of Pink and there we create a lot of songs.
  • When we started being a band

    When we started being a band
    This day was the most important day of our lifes because we didn't know what The Orange was ready to told us. He told us that he had notice we could have potencial as a band so he told that if we liked the idea of becoming a band. It was our opportunity to become famous!
  • Our first song

    Our first song
    We rehearsead a lot until we decided to publish a song, and we thought that our song needed a cool name to invite people to hear it, we decided to call it: I can touch the rainbow.
  • Period: to

    Working for our first public concert

    When someone heard our first song on SoundCloud, he decided to organize a concert with that song beacuse we was very famous in the city. So we immediately accepted the proposal. Finally we could get famous in the city! So in this period of time we worked a lot harder than normally beacuse we were excited about the concert, we prepared de decoration, the instruments, the lights...
  • The first concert

    The first concert
    Finally the day of the concert had arrived.
    It was incredible, the best night of our lives.
  • Period: to

    After the concert.

    After that incredible concert we continued creating new songs, we were getting famous.
  • Our song family & friends

    Our song family & friends
    This song it was so magic because it talks about family and friends persons that are essential in our lifes so it becomes so famous. The most famous song we had made.