The Mystery of Boo Radley

  • Who is Boo?

    Before Boo Radley dissappeared for 15 years, him and some of his friends were charged with "disturbing the peace, assualt and battery. He went to court and was sent to an industrial school, but hsi father would not let him go, so he always stayed in his house.
  • Murder?

    Ms. Stephanie Crawford said, " Boo was sitting in the livingroom cutting some items from "The Maycomb Tribune" to paste in his scrapbook. His father entered the room. As Mr. Radley passed by, Boo drove the scissors into his parent's leg, pulled them out, wiped them on his pants, and resumed his activities."
  • Walter's Opinion

    A friend of Jem's, Walter, said that Boo almost killed him the first year he came to the city.
  • Gum in the Radley's Tree

    One day, walking home, Scout finds a piece of gum in a tree on the Radley's property. She feels inclined to take the gum wondering who would have left her with such a gift!
  • Playing Boo Radley

    When Dill comes back to town, Jem decides that they are going to play "Boo Radley". When Atticus finds out, he gets mad and says that they can't play "Boo Radley" anymore. They decide to change the names of their characters so that they can continue playing their game.
  • Mrs. Maudie

    When Jem and Dill decide that Scout can't play with them, she decides to hang around the neighbor, Mrs. Maudie. The two get to talking about Boo and Scout learns that his family were foot-washing baptists. She also learns that, even though Jem says he was killed and stuffed up the chimney, he was just staying inside his house.
  • Peeping

    When Jem and Dill tell Scout they are going to peep in the Radley's window, she is happy to come along and show that she isn't a "girl". They saw a shadow coming toward them and they took off running, Jem losing his pants on the way.
  • Sewed Up Pants

    After losing his pants, Jem decides he must return late at night to retrieve them. After many days of not speaking of Boo, Jem decides to tell Scout that when he wen to get his ripped pants, they had been fixed (sewn up) by someone, (Boo?) like they knew that Jem would come back for his pants.
  • Knot Hole

    Walking home from school one day, Jem and Scout find two soap images that look like them in a knot hole, in large tree on the Radley's land. They later find gum and a pocketwatch. They can't find out who left them these surprises. Could it be Boo?
  • A Blanket for Scout

    When Mrs. Maudie's house starts on fire, Scout is sitting on the sidewalk in the cold watching. When she gets back home, she has a blanket that someone put on her. They find out that if she had turned around, she would have seen Boo Radley put the blanket on her.