The Mentor's Journey Timeline

By cmouton
  • Began my Journey

    Began teaching Special Education 9th - 12th at Grand Lake High School (1st Mentor - Rachal Monceaux)
  • Teaching in Texas

    Taught 1/2 year of 3rd grade & 1/2 year of 5th grade (Mentored by Karen Kennedy)
  • Private School Transition

    Began teaching my first of 3 years at Our Lady Queen of Heaven School where I was assigned to the 7th and 8th grade Math curriculum. (Mentored by Lisa Billedeaux)
  • Dolby Elementary

    I am currently on my 5th year teaching Math to 5th graders at Dolby Elementary. I have been mentored by several leaders of our school who include Kathie Istre, Pam Quebodeaux, Bonnie Ramsey, and Angie Ardoin.