The Martian Chronicles

  • Rocket Summer

    There is a brief description of the heat that is realsed all around the area that they rockets headed for mars are realising. It is in the middle of the winter so the heat melts the snow and ice making it the fastest approaching summer.
  • Ylla

    A female martian named Ylla is on mars and has dreams of a human approaching her on mars. She can understand his english most likely because of her telepathy, Her husband does not enjoy the dream she describes. He tells her he went hunting and she heard him shoot twice. She no longer has any dreams about Mr. York.
  • The Summer Night

    The people of mars are having a normal day, except all of them start singing and playing songs they don't know. Also it is in english which is a language that they don't know. Everyone starts to freak out because they don't know what is happening.
  • The Earth Men

    Four men show up to mars on the second expedition. They go to the first house and wait a few hours for the man who lives there to come down. After that they are sent to another house where they are again sent away. Eventually they are sent to an insane asylum where someone thinks that they are hallucinations, and shoots all of them, before shooting himself for going crazy.
  • The Taxpayer

    A man by the name of Pritchard stands outside of the launch site for the next expedition. He says that he is a tax payer and should be allowed onto the ship and sent to mars. The men inside of the fence just laugh at him, and he is eventually dragged away. In this chapter we again see how afraid people are of nuclear war on the earth and how bad people want to leave.
  • The Third Expedition

    The third ship is sent to mars under captain John Black. The 16 men land in what loooks like a normal american town. They soon find long lost family members and go to thier houses for the night. In the morning 16 coffins emerge from the homes and they are all buried.
  • and the moon be still as bright

    A year after the third expedition the fourth one lands. They examine bodies of dead martians and it seems they all died from chicken pox that were brought by the earth men. They begin to drink and party and disrespect the martian land and it angers a man named Spender. He abandons the crew and heads for the hills, he returns later to say he is a martian and kill five members of the crew. He them again returns to the hills where Captain Wilder finds him to try and reason with him, he kills spendr
  • The Settlers

    This is a very short story about how people began to come to mars with promise of jobs. The first few people suffer from being lonely at first but they have comfort in knowing more people are coming.
  • The Green Morning

    A man by the name of Ben Driscoll comes to mars as one of the first people. He rides around on his motorcycle and begins to drop seeds all over where he rides. One day he turns around to see all of the seeds he dropped grew into trees, and all of mars is covered with green,
  • The Locusts

    This is a very short story about how rockets are landing like flies on mars. Small towns and cities have been began to pop up all over.
  • The Fire Balloons

    The Fire Balloons is about two priests cme to mars to convert people to religion. The come across martians who are floating blue spheres that look like fire. They believe that they have souls and build them a church. The martians don't care much for it, but the priests still feel good about what they did.
  • The NIght Meeting

    Tomas Gomez goes to a filling station and begins to talk to the old man there. They talk about how the old man likes mars, and he doesnt think it is going to be anything like earth was. Tomas then meets a martian but they cannot understand each other. The matian starts to talk in english in his head. They find that they cannot touch because they are both like ghosts to each other. They part ways at the end wondering if they will ever meet again.
  • The Shore

    Tons of waves of settlers are coming from America. They are from the cities now.
  • The Interim

    Tons of wood is brought in to build entire cities and towns that look just like they are from America.
  • The Musicians

    American kids have found a way to entertain them selves in the dead cities. They go into old homes of martians and play music with the bones and run around in their ashes which are like leaves.
  • The Wilderness

    This was a chronicle about the women coming to mars and why they are coming. One of the women is coming to reunite with her boyfriend who she wants to marry. They talk about all the things that they will miss about earth when they leave.
  • The Naming of Names

    They talk about how the humans are renaming all of the martian landscapes and naming them after the first expeditions and the people who were on them.
  • Usher II

    Because all works of fiction have been banned on earth, two men go to mars to make a house that is exactly like a house from one of their favorite stories. They are mad because the government burned all of their books.They invite some of the people who were behind getting fiction banned, and kill them one by one to replace them by robots. At the end the house cracks and sinks into the swap like in the storey The House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe. They ride of in a helicopter as it sinks.
  • The Old Ones

    This chronicle just describes all of the older people coming. Its kinda like the new florida for old people to move to when they get old.
  • The Martian

    A older couple who have moved to mars but miss their son find him one day on their porch. Lafarge has a hard time understanding what his son really is. HIs wife on the other hand believes it right away and wants to take him into town. He really doenst want to go. When they get to town Tom disapears and they can't find him all night. When they find him everyone sees him as someone else. Under all the stress the martian dies.
  • The Watchers

    Everyone on mars drops what they are doing and stands outside looking at earth and the bombs going off. They hear a radio message that australia is gone, and london and los angelos have been bombed. Then it says "COME HOME" and everyone heads for the luggage store.
  • The Luggage Store

    A store for luggage owner and a priest are talking in his store one day about news of a large war on earth. They guess that there will soon be a huge need for luggage because people will want to go back after the war. They think people have not been away long enough and still have family on mars.
  • The Off Season

    Sam Parkhill opens a hot dog stand in busy area of a cross roads and expects he will be selling like crazy as soon as the new set of settlers arives. A martian shows up and wants to talk to him. Sam panics and shoots the martian killing him. Soon a group of martian sandships appear accross the dead sea and are coming towards him. He jumps in his own with his wife and they are getting chased. He soon is caught and they give him a deed. Earth explodes and seems to catch fire.
  • The Silent Towns

    Nearly everyone on mars has left. A man named Walter Gripp is still left. He was in the mountains when everyone left. He entertains himself in an empty town for a while. He hears the phone ring but cant answer in time. He calls every number in the phone book until someone answers. He goes all over to try and find her, he does but she is fat and covered in chocolate. She shows him her dress and he leaves to live alone forever.
  • The Long Years

    Captain Wilder returns from his misson to jupiter and pluto and finds his old mate Hathaway. Hathaway had lit a city on fire to make sure that he was not missed. Wilder is looking for survivors to take back to earth. He found Gripp but he wanted to stay. Wilder soon notices how young his family is and finds their graves. Hathaway dies of a heart attack and Wilder finds out they are all robots to occupy Hathaway because his family died of a disease a long time ago.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    The chronicle takes place in California on earth where the bomb had destroyed everything. It is a house that is smart so it cooks and cleans at the same time every day. It lets in a dog who searches for its owners but doesnt find them. It then lays down and dies. The house is then crushed by a tree that burns the house down.
  • The Million-Year Picnic

    A rocket lands on mars carrying a Family of a man, wife, and their three sons. As they head down a canal their rocket explodes. The father tells them that they are going to start a new life on mars. Soon a family is coming with three daughters. They pick a new town to live in, and start their new life.