The Lucky One, Nicholas Sparks, Fiction, 326

Timeline created by b.penn43
  • Chapter 1, 1-28

    Logan Thibault and Keith Clayton meet. There is some background knowledege about the two of them and Thibault plays a joke on Clayton.
    1-28; Pages total 1229
  • Chapter 3, 29-65

    Beth and Ben are introduced. Beth is Clayton's ex wife and Ben is their son. Thibault goes to a bar asking around about Beth's picture which he found wile on tour in the marines.
    29-65; Pages total 1265
  • Chapter 7, 66-80

    Beth and Logan meet when Logan applies for a job at the kennel that Nana (Beth's grandmother) owns.
    66-80; Pages total 1279
  • Chapter 8, 81-115

    Logan recalls a incident after he has survived eleven explosians when Victor tells him that finding the picture was what has helped him survive all of the explosians. Logan also begins moving into his new house in Hampton. Ben and Logan also start to talk and get closer because Ben likes Zeus. Nana goes to visit her sister who lives in a different state and Beth, Ben and Logan are left alone for the week.
    81-115 Pages Total 1313
  • Chapter 11, 116-144

    Ben and Logan countinue to get closer as Logan and Beth also begin to get closer. Beth begins to devlope feelings for Logan.
    116-144 Pages total 1341
  • Chapter 13, 145-180

    Ben gets hit in the eye with a baseball thrown by Keith and Logan and Beth countinue to get even closer than before.
    145-180 Pages Total 1376
  • Chapter 16, 181-218

    In this section, Thibault has second thoughts about not telling Beth the truth, and Keith becomes upset when he learns that Beth and Logan have been dating. Finally, Thibault sees Victor sitting in his living room again.
    181-218 Pages total 1413
  • Chapter 20, 219-253

    Beth becomes aware of the fact that Keith has been threatening her previous relationships, she also confronts him about it and he lies right to her face. Ben takes Thibault to see the tree house that his grandfather built.
    219-253 Pages total1447
  • Chapter 23, 254-276

    Beth realizes that she is starting to fall in love. Keith then informs Beth that Thibault has walked from Colorado because he has a picture of her. Beth gets angry and she and Thibault break up.
    254-276 Pages total 1469
  • Chapter 27, 277-305

    Keith is very pleased with himself when he learns that Beth and Thibault have broken up. The storm that has turned into a hurricane countiues to worsen. Keith trys to comfort Beth. Logan and Beth eventually get back together after Logan tells her the real story about why he came to Hampton.
    277-304 Pages total 1497
  • Chapter 35, 306-326

    Keith gets angry with Beth for taking Thibault back and when Ben hears them arguing, he runs to his tree house which has been weakened because of all the rain. When Keith goes after him, the bridge to the tree house breakand both Ben and Keith fall into dangerous situation. Ben is saved by Zeus, Thibault's dog, and Keith is not as lucky and eventually dies.
    306-326 Pages total 1517