The life story of my life

  • The day I was born

    I was born on Easter Sunday
  • Period: to

    Time of my life

  • My first birthday party

  • Walked for the first time

  • First day of daycare

  • The day that I became an older brother

    Born the day after valentines day
  • Last day of Daycare

  • First day I played house league soccer

  • The First day of school

  • First day of house leaugue of the year(Second year of house league)

  • Third year of House league

  • First year of playing inter-city

  • First time Winning a championship (Soccer)

  • First year at lachine Inter-city

  • Day I left to go to St.Kitts and Nevis

  • Day I came back from St.Kitts and Nevis

  • First time playing a soccer game in Ottawa

    Played about 5 times in Ottawa
  • Day I graduated from Elementary school

  • First day of High school

  • The day I became an older brother to a baby girl

    she was born on mothers day.
  • First time I watched a basketball game live in an arena

    It was the Toronto Raptors vs. The New York Knicks hear at the Bell Center.
  • First day of house house league( Third year)