The Life Of Britney Klave

  • The First Two Years

    Biosocial-I spent most of my time sleeping and began to curl my fingers and toes
    Cognitive-I learned peek-a-boo and learned to use a spoon
    psychosocial-I became self aware and was always interested in what I was wearing
  • The Play Years

    Biosocial-I became left handed and started sleeping more regular
    Cognitive-I was a very talkitive child, loved telling everyone stories
    psychosocial-I developed self concept and had an outgoing personality
  • Through the School Years

    Biosocial-This is when I began dancing and using lots of physical activity
    Cognitive-Began reading and started remembering things in working and short term memory
    Psychosocial-began building good friendships and learned the difference between right and wrong
  • Adolescence 14-18

    Biosocial-Started going through the stages of puberty; Started my period and became very moody and irritated at little things. I was self-conscious of myself and now that I look back on it I'm not sure why
    Cognitive-I thought I always had an imaginary audience. Whenever I walked down the halls of middle school I thought everyone was judging me.
    Psychosocial-I got to know myself and set goalsthat I wanted to achieve in my highschool career and also set college goals.
  • Emerging Adulthood 18-25

    Biosocial-During this time I could see muscles develope faster and my physical strength increased. I don't think I have reached homeostasis and do not get stressed, I consider myself healthy
    Cognitive-I am enjoyng the effects of college. My knowledge of a specific subject area has drastically grown. I have chosen to go down a career path that is more for financial securtiy then gnereal education; nursing.
    Psychosocial-Developed really close relationships with close friends and established myself
  • Adulthood

    Biosocial-Muscles have weakened and I have developed a bad back (must have been from dancing!)I am experiencing menopause and boy do I wish the hotflashes would stop! (:
    Cognitive-I finally broke down and had to buy reading glasses and hopefully now I will be a more proficient driver and will be able to read my magazines!
    Psychosocial-I didn't have a midlife crisis, other then buying an expensive car! I experienced some big fives though; Extroversion because I still like going to the gym.
  • Late Adulthood 60-75

    Biosocial-I'm young-old and financially stable. I am independent and lead a healthy lifestyle and love the motivation my grandkids give me!
    Cognitive-I have become slower at a lot of things; but still have good spirits. I developed a slight case of Alzheimers which is genetic and my mother had it
    Psychosocial-With my Alzheimers I had to retire even though I havent been a nurse in a while, just a clerical clerk. I am still involed in volunteer work and have my disease under control.
  • Death Date

    I died in 2086; I lived a very good life and was very happy with all my accomplishments. I hope I have left my family with great memories and lots of lessons that they have learned from me and carry them on to the next generation. (I chose this date after I did the life calculator ) (: