The Life and Accomplishments of Jocelyn Arcenal

Timeline created by arcenalj
  • the day I was born (prenatal development and birth)

  • My sister was born (Early childhood, biosocial)

  • I started kindergarten (early childhood, cognitive)

  • Starting dance lessons ( middle childhood, psychosocial)

  • My first pet Chitty (middle childhood, psychosocial)

  • my best friend Jonifer (middle childhood, psychosocial)

  • I started highschool( Adolescence, cognotive,psychosocial)

  • Comming o the United States (Adolescence, psychosocial)

  • Starting junior year in the United States and meeting new friends

    Meeting new friends
  • First driver's license(adolescence,cognitive,psychosocial)

  • My first car(Adolescence, cognitive,psychosocial)

  • Meeting my husband(Adulthood, biosocial,cognitive,psychosocial)

  • My first born(Adulthood, biosocial,psychological)

  • My Nursing degree(Adulthood, cognitive,psychosocial)

  • we moved into our first house(Adulthood, cognitive,psychosocial)

  • My oldest daughter(Adulthood,biosocial,psychological)

  • working in the critical care unit(Adulthood,cognitive,psychosocial)

  • My youngest daughter(Adulthood,biosocial,psychological)

  • we moved into our second house(Adulthood,cognitive,psychosocial)

  • Our third house(Adulthood,cognitive,psychosocial)

  • Our home in Harbor Springs, Mi.(Adulthood,cognitive,psychosocial)

  • My grandaughter(Adulthood,cognitive,psychosocial,biosocial)

    Brianna Nicole was born
  • Retirement At Last (biosocial,cognitive,psychosocial)

    More time to enjoy my family and more travel plans. Also, leaving at home with my husband and enjoyong things around the house that we never have time to do while busy working.
  • ? Death, beating the odds (biosocial,cognitive,psychosocial)

    I would like to live over one hundred years. I love and enjopy life.