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The Human Shields Movement

  • International Solidary Movement

    International Solidarity Movement founded, an organisation calling for volunteers to non-violently protest against the Israeli army in Gaza.
  • Volunteer Call

    Kenneth O’Keefe calls for international volunteers to place themselves in sites critical to infrastructure in Iraq, in order to deter the Iraq war.
  • Volunteers arrive

    Estimated 200 – 500 from across the world people travel to Iraq before the planned US invasion in March.
  • Rachel Corrie

    Rachel Corrie, an American student volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement is killed by a bulldozer while protesting in Gaza
  • Volunteers begin to leave

    Volunteers leave Iraq after the war begins.
  • Tom Hurndall

    Tom HurndallTom Hurndall, who had been a human shield in Iraq, travels to Gaza with the International Solidarity Movement and is shot. He goes into a coma and dies 9 months later.
  • Brian Avery

    Brian Avery is shot in the face while volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement, he survives but is left with permanent injuries.
  • Vittorio Arrigoni

    Vittorio Arrigoni, credited as reviving the International Solidarity Movement, is kidnapped and killed by a militant group operating in Gaza.