The Human Development

  • Prenatal

    In the prenatal stage you will become an embrial.
  • The embryo

    In the embryo there two stages.
  • The Zygote and the Blastocoyst

    In these stages you are developing your fingers your feet and etc...
  • The fetus

    In the fetus you are fully develope now you just waitig until the mother goes into labor
  • Newborn

    During the newborn stage they are not familiar to nothing,
  • Infant Stage

    During the infant stage they are probably familar and know the mother and father and sibling if they have any. Mostly the people they see every day.
  • Toddle

    During the toddler stage they are just starting to feed theirselves and walk. They arent really playing with other kids there are more to their self
  • Play Age

    This stage 4-5 will be the last year they will not be in school. They are starting to play with other people but not people they know.
  • Elementarty School age

    During this stage they are just getting use to a different setting. They are making friends with people they dont know and they are learning to go on with the parent
  • Predolecens (Pre teen)

    During this stage, you are giving more responsiblilty, whether it be babysitting your brother, or staying home by yourself at night
  • Adolesce (young adult hood)

    During this stage you are going to learn how to drive and peer pressure will have a great influence on your life. you will alse be getting ready to go off to college
  • Early Adult hood

    During this stage your are in college and probably be partying alot.
  • Middle Adult hood

    Your children are in college and you are feeling very satisfied your life
  • Advance adult hood

    You are now grandparent, your watching your grandchildren grow up
  • death

    You are now deat
  • Early Adulthood

    You are also thinking very hard about what you gonna do for the next step of your life
  • Early Adulthood

    Later on your early adult hood you will get a sucessful job, get married, and have children.