The History of The Colorado Springs School

  • CSS Founded

    The Colordao Springs School was founded for girls ingrades 7 - 10. The enrollment was 23. The school was housed in the former Maytag Mansion on Pourtales Road.
  • First Day of School at The Colorado Springs School for Girls

    School opened in Pourtales House on 9.21.62.
  • Period: to

    Fifty Years in the History of CSS

  • CSS Expanded

    The school was expanded to include grades 6-11. A 5-day boarding program was offered.
  • School Expanded Again

    The school was again expanded to reach 12th grade.
  • First Commencement

    The first graduating class consisted of 4 students. The total enrollment had grown to 75 in grades 6-12.
  • Kevin Reel, Head of School - 2007 to present

    Kevin Reel, Head of School - 2007 to present