The History of Quacksilver

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    Clipboard Comics

    Before we made movies we made comic books. “Clipboard Comics” was a running series published by “Playground Pond Inc.” from 2001 to 2005. Read More
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    Playground Pond Inc.

    In 2002, we got our first video camera. In early 2003, we were suddenly struck with the idea of making a movie based on our comics. Although it has virtually nothing to do with Clipboard Comics, it does capture the insane, improvised mania and ineptitude. It also captures the same basic structure of short segments (usually parodies) compiled together. Read More
  • A Special Day

    A Special Day
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    Mallard Brothers/Webbed Toe Productions

  • Special Day 3

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  • I'll Take My Mulligan

    The first movie made under the name "Mallard Brothers/Webbed Toe Productions".
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    Mallard Bros. Season 1

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    Mallard Bros. Season 2

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    Mallard Bros. Season 3

  • Channel Dukklord is Created

    Channel Dukklord is Created
    I join the Youtube community.
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    Cellular Moshpit

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    Quacksilver Productions


    The first film made under the name "Quacksilver"
  • Quack Attack Riffs

    Quack Attack Riffs
    We begin to Riff movies
  • Channel Dukklord is Discontinued

    Channel Dukklord is Discontinued
    I stop uploading videos to Youtube after several copyright disputes.
  • Very Large Explosion

    Very Large Explosion