The History of Management

  • Electric Vacuum

    Electric Vacuum
    Clean areas through suctioning dust and dirt.
  • Air Conditioner

    Air Conditioner
    Conditioned the temperature and humidity to keep a stable envirionment.
  • Electric Toaster

    Electric Toaster
    Toast different types of bread for family.
  • Electric Stove

    Electric Stove
    Help cook food faster and safer.
  • Refrigerator

    Help preserve food and create less trps to the store.
  • Dish Washer

    Dish Washer
    Limited hand washing dishes and washing faster.
  • Handheld dryer

    Handheld dryer
    Helps dry hair faster.
  • Garbage Disposal

    Garbage Disposal
    Grind of food wasted to flush down the drain.
  • Iron with adjustable temperature control

    Iron with adjustable temperature control
    Help iron different ypes of fabrics and materials to provide professional appearance
  • Washing Machine

    Washing Machine
    To wash and rinse clothes and save time from physical handwashing.
  • Microwave

    Help heat foods quickly and cooking a variety of foods
  • TV Remote

    TV Remote
    Time saver to watching entertainment with the family free time
  • Credit Card

    Credit Card
    Convenient way to purchase household necessitites
  • Automatic coffee Pot

    Automatic coffee Pot
    Makes the coffee when it's done a green light and bimetallic strip automatically cuts out when coffee is done.
  • First electric Curling Iron

    First electric Curling Iron
    Hand held device that helps curl hair faster.
  • Electric hand mixer

    Electric hand mixer
    Help perform mixing action quickly
  • Cordless Phone

    Cordless Phone
    Help communicate with others while walking around the house instead of being stationed in one area.
  • Smoke Detector

    Smoke Detector
    Device that was invented to detect smoke, and fires. Safety advancement
  • CD Player

    CD Player
    It provided info such as a track number, playing time and infrared receiver to allow the use of remote control and buttons to control playback.
  • Bluetooth Earpiece

    Bluetooth Earpiece
    Advancement to phone and media communication without an actual device in your hand. Allows for multi-tasking in other aras around or outside of the house.
  • Toyota Prius

    Toyota Prius
    Prius uses Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive system, which allows it to travel at around-town speeds on electric power alone. Sensors decide when to employ gasoline engine power or a combination of gas and electric propulsion: the goal is to efficiently balace fuel economy and acceleration.
  • Ipod

    Invention of the portable media player and multi-purpose pocket computer to allow media entertainment while multi-tasking.
  • Camera Phone

    Camera Phone
    Ability to communicate with other and take quality pictures on the same device.
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    A programmable robot to clean your floors while you are completing other tasks.
  • Direct Tv HD DVR

    Direct Tv HD DVR
    Invention that you don't have to watch your favorite shows when they air live. you can do other important household tasks and later return to the television to watch your recorded shows.
  • iPhone

    The iPhone from Apple Inc was released in June of 2007 and radically altered the way mobile phones are used personally and in business.
  • Fit bit

    Fit bit
    Wearable product to inspire youto live a healthier more active life.
  • Flip Video Ultra

    Flip Video Ultra
    Advancement to the high priced camcorder.Smaller verson, space saver, and creates high quality videos.
  • Dyson Air Multiplier

    Dyson Air Multiplier
    Safety advancemnt, quiet, and provides powerful air flow.
  • Cell phones

    Cell phones
    communication advancement to reaching other people not being retrained to land line only