The History of Cyberbullying

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  • The Invention of Electronic Computers

    The Invention of Electronic Computers
    The history of the Internet began with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s.
  • First Networks

    First Networks
    Packet switched networks such as ARPANET, Mark I at NPL in the UK, CYCLADES, Merit Network, Tymnet, and Telenet, were developed in the late 1960s.
  • First Followed Protocols

    In 1970s people followed variety of protocols.
  • The first Sicience Network for Computer

    Access to the ARPANET was expanded in 1981 when the National Science Foundation (NSF) developed the Computer Science Network (CSNET)
  • Invention of The Internet

    Invention of The Internet
    In 1982, the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) was standardized, and consequently, the concept of a world-wide network of interconnected TCP/IP networks, called the Internet, was introduced.
  • Supercomputer Sites

    And again in 1986 when NSFNET provided access to supercomputer sites in the United States from research and education organizations.
  • The first Comercial Internet Services

    Commercial Internet service providers (ISPs) began to emerge in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
  • The decomission of the ARPANET

    The ARPANET was decommissioned in 1990.
  • Telecomunication Networks

    The Internet's takeover of the global communication landscape was almost instant in historical terms: it only communicated 1% of the information flowing through two-way telecommunications networks in the year 1993, already 51% by 2000, and more than 97% of the telecommunicated information by 2007.[1] Today the Internet continues to grow, driven by ever greater amounts of online information, commerce, entertainment, and social networking.
  • The Comerzialization of The Internet

    The Internet was commercialized in 1995 when NSFNET was decommissioned.
  • He was gay

    He was gay
    Kenneth Weishuhn, a gay high school freshman from Paullina, Iowa, took his own life after being bullied by classmates at school and online, and with death threats by phone.
  • Because she was fat

    Because she was fat
    Hannah Smith, a 14-year-old girl from Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England, hanged herself in her bedroom on August 3rd, 2013. Her body was discovered by her older sister.