The Gradual Increase of Nazi Persecution of the Homosexuals

  • Adolf Hitler Appointed Chancellor of Germany

    In November of 1932, the Nazi party won 33 percent of the vote, which was more than any other party, in the German Election. Due to this, President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler, who was the head of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI Party), the new chancellor of Germany. Since Hitler was in charge of the laws he made homosexuals outlawed
  • Reichstag Fire decree

    This law was put into place by President von Hindenburg. This law took away freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right for people to assemble. This meant that the government now could control what was being published to citizens of Germany. It controlled what people said so the homosexuals couldn’t stand up for themselves.
  • Enabling Act

    The Enabling Act, or. “Law for Rectification of the Distress of Nation and Reich” was passed on the date 3/23/33 and was targeted toward the group of everyone in Germany, and it’s goal was to get everyone to vote for Hitler. The way that this affected everyone’s lives was because they were influenced to vote for a leader that is actually not going to do much good for them. This was to get people to vote for Hitler and after Hitler was elected chancellor, he made a law that outlawed homosexuals.
  • Burning of “Un-German” Books

    Basically, what happened in this event is Hitler ordered all of the Nazis to burn all of the books, almost, because the only books considered to be okay were ones that were pro-nazi. Any book that was Anti-Nazi, Un-German, or published by a Jew were burned. Any book that was made by a homsexual trying to express themselves were burned.
  • Press Censorship Law

    They didn't want jews to work in the newspapers any longer. Newspapers also could not publish any information that was against the Nazi party. Anyone who was found publishing anti-nazi material would be sent to a concentration camp. This made it so that homosexuals would not be allowed to spread awareness of how much they were being mistreated.
  • Hitler Becomes Fuhrer

    President Paul Von died. Hitler became president.Hitler got rid of the office and declared himself as the dictator. Hitler could do whatever he wanted to do. Since he could do whatever, he outlawed homosexuals.
  • Revision of paragraph 175

    This law was already an existing law but it was revised by the German government. This law had gay men persecuted because the were seen as corrupting “ german Values” because they where not adding to the population, But since lesbians could still have biological children they were usually not targeted.The law directly persecuted homosexuals and if they were caught then they were sent to a concentration/labor camp.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Nazi germany and the Soviet Union signed a secret agreement stating not to attack each other for 10 years and agreed to divide eastern Europe. They could’ve spread their terrible opinions on homosexuals
  • Axis Alliance Formed

    On September 27, 1940 the Axis alliance was formed with hitler in the lead. The countries Japan and Italy signed the Tripartite pact first. Later in the war Hungary, Romania,Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia later signed the Tripartite pact. Germany might’ve spread their opinions of homosexuals onto other countries.
  • Announcement of Death Penalty for Aiding Jews

    What the law does is it tells people if they help jews or if they were caught hiding. This law persecuted homosexuals because they probably related to the Jews since they were both being persecuted against and felt the need to hide them.