Gaza strip

The Gaza Strip Region

  • Egypt has Gaza Strip

    Egypt has Gaza Strip
    Israel, a nation newly created in 1948, has been having conflicts with its fellow Middle Eastern countries. Israel then signs a number of truces with the other middle eastern countries in conflict with it. It is noted that during this, Egypt has control of the Gaza Strip region, which is highly desirable because of its position for trade
  • Israel seizes the Gaza Strip

    Israel seizes the Gaza Strip
    With the help of Britain and France, Israel seizes the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip, both of which were under Egyptian control. However, the UN tells France, Britain and Israel to pull back from Egypt. They leave all Egyptian places except the Gaza Strip and the Gulf of Aqaba. Israel defends this saying that the Gaza Strip was never truly Egypt’s land.
  • Egypt fights for control of Gaza

    Egypt fights for control of Gaza
    The UN gives Egypt vague instructions about how to approach the Gaza problem. Egypt takes advantage of the fact that directions were vague. Egypt uses this as an excuse to completely take over the Gaza Strip once more.
  • The Six Day War

    The Six Day War
    An event known as the Six Day War occurs. Israel engages in an armed conflict with Egypt, who now has been joined by Jordan and Syria. Israel prevails, and regains the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula.
  • Palestine gains Gaza Strip

    Palestine gains Gaza Strip
    Egypt and Israel sign a peace treaty. This treaty gives self rule to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of Israel. The Palestinians are a group within Israel who have been trying to become independent.
  • United States imposes Jordinain control on Palestine

    United States imposes Jordinain control on Palestine
    United States President, Ronald Reagan, supports giving full autonomy to the Palestinians, with the intentions of making peace between the Western world and the Middle East. However, he adds that Palestinians should be under some minor Jordanian supervision. Israel, still angered with Jordan, declines, which rekindles Israeli anger with both Jordan and the the Palestinians in control of the Gaza Strip.
  • Period: to

    Palestinian bombers attack Israel

    Suicide bomber speaks On many occasions, Palestinian terrorists attack Israeli people. Some of these have been linked to the organization Hamas (an organization who wishes to give Palestinains their own land), while others were simply independent. Many were suicide bombers.
  • Leader of Hamas is killed

    Leader of Hamas is killed
    Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the leader of Hamas, a Palestinian organization for the purpose of rebelling against Israel, is killed by Israel. Israel did this by sending missiles into the Gaza Strip area. So many fatalities took place that this is comparable with 9/11.
  • Israel surrenders

    Israel surrenders
    After 38 long years, Israel withdraws from Gaza. However, much fighting took place first. Finally Israel held up a white flag of defeat, due to increasing terrorist attacks on Israeli land by Palestine.
  • Israel rejoins the fight

    Israel rejoins the fight
    Israel reenters the fray in another attempt to regain the Gaza Strip. Shortly after, Hamas seizes the Gaza Strip area once more. 100 people belong to Fatah (a Palestinian national liberation movement lead by Yasir Arafat) were killed.
  • Hamas sends rockets into Israel

    Hamas sends rockets into Israel
    Israel closes gates into the Gaza Strip region, so that one can leave or enter, which makes it more difficult for Palestine to enter and attack. This angers the Palestinians, especially Hamas. In retaliation, Hamas fires rockets into Israel.
  • Period: to

    Israel continues to airstrikes Gaza

    Photo Israel performs airstrikes on the Gaza region, currently under Hamas’s control. Israel continues to attack Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. This results in 200 fatalities.
  • Israel withdraws again

    Israel withdraws again
    Israel completely withdraws from the Gaza Strip area yet again. The Israeli troops file out and deploy into the Mediterranean coastline. Israel leaves Palestine in control of the Gaza region. But just like the last surrender, Israel rejoins the fight quickly.
  • Israel imprisions over 2,000 Palestinians

    Israel imprisions over 2,000 Palestinians
    BBC News Report Israel imprisons Palestinians in an attempt to win the Gaza Strip. Palestinians (both imprisioned and free) are on a hunger strike to free the Palestinians. Many people have died because of this. Some Palestinians have also taken to kidnapping Israeli people in exchange for freeing the prisoners.