The Gay Rights Movement of the Past Century

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    The Gay Rights Movement of the Past Semi-Century

  • Mattachine Society formed

    First National Gay Rights organization formed by Harry Hay, known as father of Gay Rights Movement.
  • Daughters of Bilitis Established

    First National Lesbian Organization Formed
  • New York Academy of Medicine issues column on homosexuality

    Homosexuality is considered a curable "sickness".
  • National Transsexual Counseling Unit is established

    First Transsexual Rights Organization established in San Francisco
  • Stonewall Riots

    The Stonewall Riots is considered the event that pushed the LGBT Movement into motion. On June 22, 1969, riots broke out at a popular gay bar, The Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village, New York. After customers became agrivated by police harassment, they finally took a stand against them.
  • First Gay Parades

  • Homosexuality is removed from American Psychiatric Organization's list of mental disorders

  • First openly gay person elected to state legislature

    (Date inaccurate, could not find exact day or month) Elaine Noble from Boston, Massachusetts, became the first open gay person elected to state legislature.
  • Project 10 (A GSA [Gay-Straight Alliance] related club) established

    (date inaccurate, could not find exact day or month)
  • Don't Ask Don't Tell Initiated

    (date inaccurate, could not find exact day or month) Bill Clinton signed his policy Don't Ask Don't Tell into effect
  • UVA holds first ever Day of Silence

  • Massachusetts is first state to legalize gay marriage

  • Connecticut legalizes gay marriage

  • Iowa legalizes gay marriage

  • Vermont legalizes gay marriage

  • New Hampshire

  • D.C legalizes gay marriage

  • New York legalizes gay marriage

  • Don't Ask Don't Tell Lifted

    Don't Ask Don't Tell, the policy that didn't allow gays to serve openly in the military, was repealed by president Obama.
  • Gay Marriage Legalized in Maryland

    On the 1st, governer Martin O'Malley signed the bill allowing gay couples to get married in the state of Maryland. Although it will not take effect until 2013, this is a big step in the Gay Rights Movement.
  • Obama is First President to support Gay Rights

  • Date gay marriage in Washington will be legal

  • Date gay marriage in Maryland will be legal