The French Revolution and Rise of Napoleon

By m30019
  • The National Assembly

    The National Assembky of the 3 estates was called into session by Loui XIV to solve the countries economic deficit.
  • Tennis Court oath

    After the third estate was excluded from the conference they all had gathered in the tennis court room demanding justice and taxation. It is the first riot that had formed
  • The Bastille Riot

    A large crowd of people marched into the heart of the city the jail of Bastille to free all prisoners and obtain great number of weapons to be able to fight and riot.
  • Decleration of the rights of Man

    The National Assembly formed by the people wrote the decleration that all men are equally the same under the law. There must be representation and all crimes get a trial
  • March to Versaille

    The Woman of Paris all march to Versaille on feet to protest about the high taxes and high costs of bread. Rioting for a very long time and also breaking an entrance. The Woman were flaming with anger and hatred for mainly Mary Antionette.
  • Attack on the Church

    The people's new enlightened thinking makes them look different sides of the Church. They loose their strong beliefs and the new government takes over the Church and sells most of their lands.
  • Royal family attempts to Flee France

    Loui XIV attempts to smuggle his family out of the country due to all of the corruption, although unfortunatelly there were caught at Verannes and sent back to Paris for trial.
  • Execution of the King

    The people demand to kill Loui XIV due to causing corruption, high prices and treason against his own people. They are flaming mad with their once King and are even more angry.
  • Reign of Terror (11Months)

    The new leader Maximillien Robespierre and several other Enlightenment thinkers take control of France and start to spread the new idea's. All those against the new reformation were to be sentenced and sent to the Guillotine. Thousands of people were killed for having to been against the new government. It was a very dark and midevil time for France that was animalistic and extreme.
  • The execution of Maximillien Robespierre

    The leader of the Jacobins and the new enlightenment is to being executed put on trial by the people. The Jacobins power fall and Girodins arise
  • Napoleon becomes Chief of the Army of the Interior

    Napoleon is promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Interior. He gains fame and fortune
  • Napoleon leads Italian Army

    Napoleon leads the Italian Army in a series of battles against Austria. By the time Italy defeats Austria in October 1797, it is clear that Napoleon is one of the world's greatest military leaders.
  • The New emperor of France

    Napoleon is named Emperor of the French Empire and, in December, is crowned in a very fancy ceremony at the Notre Dame in Paris. He is named King of Italy a year later.
  • Napoleons Marriage

    Napoleon marries 18 year-old Marie-Louise. She is the daughter of the Emperor of Austria, Francis I.
  • The next Heir

    Napoleon II, called The King of Rome by Napoleon, is born. He is also called Franz, after his grandfather, Francis I.
  • Napoleon sent into Exile

    After much of Europe unites against Napoleon, his is forced to give up the throne and go to Elba, an island near Italy. His wife and son are forced to leave Paris and they go to Austria to live.
  • Napolean Returns

    After escaping from Elba, Napoleon goes back to France to try and take control of the army and the government again.
  • Napolean gives up the throne again

    After his defeat at Waterloo, Napoleon gives up the throne again. This time, he will be sent away to Saint Helena in the South Atlantic, which is much farther away from France than Elba.
  • Napolean dies

    Napolean dies at St. Helena possibly because of stomach cancer