The French Revolution

  • Napoleon is born

    On August 15 ,1769 Napoleon Bonaparte is brought into this world. He is born in the coastal city Ajaccio ,Corsica.
  • The revolution begins

    The French revolution begins on the 14th of July in 1789. The revolution began with the storming of the Bastille. The Bastille fell two days later.
  • The National Gaurd forms

    Jacques necker is dissmissed from Louis XIV court. Then the national gaurd is formed by 50,000 average citezens
  • Abolition of titles

    On the 19th of June in the year 1790 all titles are striped away. Noboby is a noble now and France begins losing order.
  • Louis XIV attemts to leave France

    in the middle of the night during the month of June in 1791 Louis XIV and his family attempt to leave France. January 21 1793 Louis XIV is beheaded and the rest of his family shortly follow.
  • France declares war on Austria

    The day of april 20 ,1792 France declares war. the only problem is tha when the armies see each other France runs away.
  • Napoleon is a general

    Napoleon is promoted to the rank of general in 1793. He amazingly does this at the age 24.
  • Churches re-open

    On the first of January 1795 all churches in France re-open for worship. People begin to belive that the fighting is comming to an end.
  • Napoleon is in charge

    Napoleon bonapart is appointed commader-in-chief of all armys within French borders. On the 2 of March 1796 he is appointed commander-in-chief of all french armies.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte is the emperor

    On December second Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself emperor of france. He continues to rule for a short period of time.