The French Revolution

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  • Napoleon seized power

    Napoleon Bonaparte was born on Corsica
  • Old Regime

    The social and political system of France, The Old Regime, remained in place.
  • Govenrment sanked into debt.

    During the 1700-1800, Frances government sank deeply into debt mostly because of the extravagant spending of Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette.
  • Economic Trouble

    France's once prosperous economy was in decline.
    It caused alarm among the merchants, factory owners and bankers of the the Third State.
  • Severe shortage of grain.

    The cost of living was rising sharply. In addition, bad weather caused widespread crop failures resulting in severe shortage of grain.
  • Starvation

    Because of the trouble with the crop failures, the price of bread doubled and many people faced starvation.
  • Loss of American Territorries

    tThe ideas of the Revolution reached the planters of Saint Domingue, they demanded that the national assembly give them the same priviliges as the people from France
  • A weak leader

    Since Louis had no more money to deal with, he decided to impose taxes on the nobility. However, the Second Estate forced him to call a meeting of the Estates General to approve his new tax. This meeting, the first in 175 years, was held at Versailles, May 5, 1789.
  • The National Assembly

    The people voted to establish the Nation Assembly, in effect, proclaiming the end of absolute monarchy and the beggining of representative government.
  • Storming the Bastille

    In Paris, rumors flew that Louis was using military force to dismiss the National Assembly. People began to gather weapons in order to defend the city against attack.
    On July 14, a mob searching for gunpowder and arms stormed the Bastille, a Paris prison.
  • The assembly reforms France

    thoughout the night of that day, nobleman gave great speeches, declarating their love of liberty and equality. At morning, Old Regime wss gone.
  • the assembly reforms france

    nobleman made frand speeches, declarating their love of liberty and equality.
  • A great fear sweeps France

    In October 1789, thousands of Parisian women rioted over the rising price of bread.
  • Division Develop

    National Assembly were arguing for over two years for a new constitution for France and by 1791, the delegates had made significant changes in France's government and society.
  • Louis tries to escape

    Louis tried to pondered his fate as a monarch. Some of his advisers warned him that he and his family were in danger. Then in June, the royal family tried to escape from France to the Austrian Netherlands but when they were near the border, they were ordered to return to Parist under guard.
  • louis tried to escape.

    louis attempted escape from france to the austrian netherlands, which increased the influence of his radical enemies in the government.
  • Limited Monarchy

    the National Assembly completed the new constitution, which Louis approved. This constitution created a limited constitutional monarchy; it stripped the king of much of his authority; it created a legislative body that was the Legislative Assembly.
  • divisions develop

    the national assembly completed the new constitution, which louis approved.
  • Legislative Assembly

    The legislative assembly set aside the Constitution.
  • war and execution

    the legislative assembly declared war.
  • France at war

    the war began badly for the French.
  • France at war

    About 200,000 men and women invaded the Tuileries , the place where the Royal Family was staying.
  • Jacobins take control

    The Jacobin club was created and most people involved in the governmental changes were members.
  • The rights of man

    olympe de gouges was declared an enemy of the revolution and executed.
  • the war continues

    Great Britain, Holland, Spain joined Prussia and Austria against France.
  • The Enemies of the Revolution

    Many of those who had led the revolution received death sentences
  • Robespierre Assumes Control

    Maximillien Robespierre slowly gained power.
  • guillotine

    the former king was behelded by the guillotine, a machine that cuts off your head while you're watched by hundreds.
  • The war continues

    the Convention ordered a draft of 300,000 French citizens between the ages of 18 and 40.
  • Robespierre

    Robespierre became leader of the Comitee of Public Safety.
  • National Convention

    Goerge Danton found himself in danger
  • End of Terror

    Some members of the National Convention turned on Robespierre
  • End of Terror

    Robespierre was sent to the guillotine
  • Directory

    Moderate leaders in the National Convention drafted a new plan of government which was called the Directory
  • Coup D'Etat

    Directory had lost control of the political situation and the confidence of the French people
  • Peace Agreement

    All three Nations signed Peace Agreements with France
  • Napoleon rules France

    Napoleon pretended to be constitutiionally chosen leader of a free Republic
  • Napoleon

    Napoleon decided to take back the colony and restore its productive sugar industry
  • Napoleon crwoned as Emperor

    Napoleon decided to crowned himself Emperor and the french voters supported him
  • Concurring Europe

    After the Battle of Austerlitz< Napoleon issued a proclamation expressing his pride in his troops
  • The Battle of Trafalgar

    The Battlle of Trafalgar took place in the South west coast of Spain
  • The Continental system

    Napoleon set up a blockade to prevent all trade and communication between Great Britain and the European nations
  • The French Empire

    The French Empire was maintained at its greatest extent by Napoleon for only five years: then it quickly felt into pieces.
  • The Peninsular War

    Napoleon made a second costly mistake, he sents an invasion force thru Spain
  • Napoleon Empire collapses

    Mariel Louis gave birth to a son named Napoleon II
  • The Invasion of Russia

    Napoleon most disastrous mistake was that he left the Russians czar to stop selling grain to Britain
  • The Invasion of Russia

    Napoleon and his grand army of more than 420,000 soldiers marched into Russia
  • The French Empire

    The only areas of Europe free from Napoleon's control where Britain, Portugal, Sweden and the Ottoman Empire
  • Battle of Borondino

    The two armies finally clatched in the Battle of Borondino
  • Napoleon suffers Defeat

    He faced the allied armies of the European power outside the German city of Leipzig
  • Napoleon Suffers Defeat

    the allied armies were pushing steadidly toward Paris.
  • Metternich's Plan for Europe

    The decisions made at this time of the year were mostly made in secret among the representatives of the five "great powers" Russia, Austria, Great Britain, and France.
  • Napoleon

    Napoleon accepted the terms of surrender and gave up his throne.
  • The Hundred Days

    Napoleon landed on France after escaping from Elba.
  • Waterloo

    Napoleon attacked the British army, but they defended themselves all day.
  • Conservative Europe

    Czar Alexander I, Emperor Francis I, and King Federick William III of Prussia signed an agreement called the Holly Alliance.
  • Conservative Europe

    Frsnce was deeply divided politically.
  • Napoleon's Death

    After his last battle, he was sent to St. Helena where he died of a stomach ailment, perhaps cancer.