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The First Ten Amendments

  • The 1st Amendment

    The 1st Amendment
    This includes the Freedoms of speech,press,assembly,religion,and petition and protest. ex. School closing protest.
  • The 2nd Amendment

    The 2nd Amendment
    This Amendment includes the right to bear arms, and a well regulated military ex. Conceal and Carry
  • The 3rd Amendment

    The 3rd Amendment
    This includes the right to refuse to quarter a soldier at any time. ex. a soldier can't just walk up in your house and say im staying here and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • The 4th Amendment

    The 4th Amendment
    This includes the right of personal property. No governemnet agent, police officer, or any persons can search you, your house, or any property you may own with out warrant or a reasonable cause. ex. police officer cannot just bust up in your house without a warrant
  • The 5th Amendment

    The 5th Amendment
    This includes your right to remain silent, or subject to double jeopardy. ex. you dont have to incrimante yourself by taking the stand in your "defence"
  • The 6th Amendment

    The 6th Amendment
    This is the right to a speedy and public trail.
    ex. you dont have to wait around rotting in jail waiting for years for a trail. You have the right to have a quick and just trial
  • The 7th Amendment

    The 7th Amendment
    This is the right to a civil jury. Meaning a unbias jury that will determine whether you are guilty or non guilty get atleast 6 people that will determine your fate and a judge cannot overrule this ruling
  • The 8th Amendment

    The 8th Amendment
    This is the amendment that ensures those who have been accused of a criminal act does not get cruel and unreasonable punishment. This includes excessive bail, excessive punishment, and unreasonable execution of these punishments.
    ex. death penalty for stealing (very unreasonable)
  • The 9th Amendment

    The 9th Amendment
    This amendment includes protection of rights not expressed in the Bill of rights ex. gay marriage is a new amendment
  • The 10th Amendment

    The 10th Amendment
    This is the rights reserved for the states. These rights are reserved for the individual states. ex. state traffic regulation