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The Evolution of the Internet from 1962-2006

  • Conception

    J.C. R. Licklider and W.Clark write a paper describing a concept that they called the "On-line Man Computer Communications" which would later come to be known as the internet.
  • ARPA project begins

    Larry Roberts is head scientist for the program.

    ARPANET connects 4 of the largest universities in the United States.
  • Email

    Computer scientist Ray Tomlinson introduces electronic mail.
  • TCP/IP

    Transmisson Control Panel/Internet Protocol, or TCP/IP, is developed and later becomes the standard for internet communication.
  • DOS

    Disk Operating System is invented by Microsoft
  • The Internet

    The term "internet" is first introduced.
  • DNS

    The Domain Name System (DNS) is created, and extensions such as .org, .com, and .edu began to be used.
  • Internet Worm

    Internet Worm
    The Internet Worm virus disables 10% of all internet servers around the world.
  • The World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web
    The World becomes the first internet service provider. Tim Berners-Lee develops the world wide web which allows users to connect to documents in websites with the use of hyperlinks.
  • Archie

    Peter Deutsch creates Archie as an index for the internet. It is the first search engine.
  • America Online, CompuServe, and Prodigy

    America Online, CompuServe, and Prodigy
    America Online, CompuServe and Prodigy all become internet service providers offering dial-up connections.
  • 45 million people using the internet

    30 million of these people are Americans.
  • Google

    Google's first office is set up in California.
  • Napster

    College student Shawn Fanning creates Napster, which allows music to be swapped around the web. The term "E-commerce" is introduced as online shopping becomes more popular and is started.
  • Wikipedia

    Online encyclopedia Wikipedia is launched. Number of emails sent daily reaches 9.8 billion.
  • 544.2 million internet users worldwide

  • iTunes

    Apple launches its iTunes online music store, which offers music downloads for 99 cents per song.
  • Facebook

    Facebook is launched by college student Mark Zuckerberg. Amount of money spent onine reaches $117 billion which is a 23% increase from previous year.
  • Youtube

    Youtube is launched.
  • Number of websites hits 92 million

    Number of websites hits 92 million