The Egyptian Revolution

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    The British Rule

    The only reason that Egypt isn't still under British rule is because Egypt protested against it.. sort of like the revolution we have now except.. bigger and less heard of. You see, England had a tight grip on Egypt with a very strict set of rules.. kind of like Mubaraks. This made Egypt used to being under control.. which made it only natural for Mubarak to step up after Britan left them in chaos.
  • Mubarak is Elected

    Source Mubarak was elected.. yeah, it's self-explanatory.
  • The Revolution Begins

    The Revolution Begins
    The "Day of Revolt", this is the day where everything began. People protested against the presidency of Housni Mubarak, the dictator.
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    The Egyptian Revolution

    Still going on!
  • The Friday of Rage

    The Friday of Rage
    Shortly after the regular Friday prayers(to a Muslim, Friday is the 'day of God' much as Sunday is for a Christian.), people flocked to major Egyptian Cities and protested. Looting was reported. This was the day that the internet privelages and phone privelages were revoked from Egyptians.
  • March of the Millions

    March of the Millions
    Source Over a million people protested in Tahrir square on this day.
  • Let the Games Begin

    Let the Games Begin
    Source Mubarak makes a televised speech, claiming he wouldn't run for the presidential elections next September, and that he would stay in office to ensure a peaceful reform. That night, the pro-mubaraks and the anti-mubaraks butted heads.. and weapons.
  • Battle of the Camel

    Battle of the Camel
    Mubarak supporters rode camels and horses through Tahrir square, some weilding weapons. This was a hilight of the revolution because it's one of the only parts of it that I remember seeing on TV.
  • Friday of Departure

    Friday of Departure
    "Egyptians did not settle for Mubarak's announcement of ceding his powers to Suleiman, and set up massive protests in many Egyptian cities. At 6:00 pm local time, Suleiman announced Mubarak's resignation and that the Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces would assume leadership of the country." -Wikipedia By the way, the picture.. in arabic it says "The king has died" but that basically means Checkmate. xD ( Yeah, I got lazy on this one.)
  • Ceeeeel-eb-rate good times COME ON!

    Ceeeeel-eb-rate good times COME ON!
    Them Egyptians.. they love to party. They celebrated until like.. 5am! YAY, MUBARAKS GONE!
  • The Prime Minister pays a visit

    The Prime Minister pays a visit
    Since the revolution, Mubarak was all "OMG NO PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED IN AND OUT OF EGYPT" But then he stepped down and David Cameroon, the minister of the UK, came! ...ah, british people. like amreicans, but with an accent.
  • Next Election

    Next Election
    Source Voting days for the next President.