The differences beteween Americans and Chinese

  • Childhood

    I never thought about studying abroad when I was a child. After I had met some Americans in kindergarten, I was confused for years about Americans look so strange.
  • Traveled in Hainan

    Traveled in Hainan
    Before coming to the U.S., I had always wanted to travel America. The only thing I was afraid of is that Americans might not be as warm as Chinese.
  • Chinese babies

    Chinese babies
    We had always thought that Chinese babies are the cutest babies in the world till we saw American babies in reality. Chinese parents always pay more attention to their children than American parents so Chinese children tend to rely on their parents.
  • I looked America from sky

    I looked America from sky
    I was on my way to America. I imagined what my life would be many times. I had heard that many people said something about Americans on the plane; they told me Americans were more outgoing and were easy to make friends with than Chinese.
  • My friend: Kim!

    My friend: Kim!
    I made friends with Kimberly after I had arrived at Birmingham, Alabama. Kimberly was so warm to me although it was our first time to meet. I found that Americans are friendlier!
  • President's house

    President's house
    All the Chinese students were invited to the house where the president has been living since he became the president of Samford University. The president was so nice to us, and we thought the difference is that America students who study in China might not be treated as well as we were.
  • International club!

    International club!
    Our International students had a first meeting. We were invited to dance with Americans but most Chinese students were too shy to join them. I thought Americans preferred to join the dancing party but Chinese would like to sit aside and watch it. We were so surprised how enthusiastic the Americans were at that night!
  • Maryann's House

    Maryann's House
    Carol, Amy, Peng Li, and Claire were invited to have dinner in Maryann’s house. Maryann, who has three little children, is one of our American friends. Maryann’s children are more creative than many Chinese children; they were always doing something beyond my imagination.
  • Oak Mountain

    Oak Mountain
    Many Americans and Chinese climbed Oak Mountain. We all had fun at that day! American people have more vitality than we Chinese because they still have energy after we finished climbing the mountain.
  • Missing Home!

    Missing Home!
    Compared with Americans, Chinese were not easy to say hello to unfamiliar people. Although Americans were so warm to us, we still missed our family. We have been missing our families so much!