The Developing Person: The Life of Lindsay Kilgore

  • Birth

    Prematurely born of parents Sharon and Bob Kilgore, weighing in at 1 lb 2 oz.
  • The first 2 years Biosocial

  • The First 2 Years Psychosocial

    Mimicing parents' expressions and actions.
  • The First 2 Years Cognitive

    "Little Scientist" carefully touching my birthday cake, "babbling".
  • Play Years Biosocial

    Interacting and "playing" with family members, example, throwing a ball.
  • Play Years Cognitive

    Playing the drums with pots and pans to see if they would make a sound.
  • Play Years Psychosocial

    Crying when a doll was taken away. "Throwing a tantrum."
  • Early Childhood Psychosocial

    Joined the Canton Lions Cheerleading club.
  • Early Childhood Biosocial

    Able to write ABC's.
  • Early Childhood Cognitive

    Mastering basic grammar in 1st grade as well as attending a one room schoolhouse.
  • Early Childhood Psychosocial

    Responsible for my brother's and my pet hamster, Snowball.
  • Middle Childhood Cognitive

    Hypothesized and Tested an experiment for my 5th grade science fair.
  • Middle Childhood Biosocial

    Joined St. John Neumann girls basketball.
  • Adolescence Biosocial

    Puberty begins
  • Adolescence Cognitive

    Graduated from Pioneer Middle School.
  • Adolescence Psychosocial

    Take the ACT.
  • Emerging Adult Cognitive

    Accepted into Grand Valley State University.
  • Emerging Adult Biosocial

    Joined the Grand Valley State University Pompon team.
  • Emerging Adult Psychosocial

    Regretful for coming home from GVSU.
  • Adulthood Psychosocial

    Get married.
  • Adulthood Cognitive

    Graduate from college with a Bachelors in Athletic Training and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
  • Adulthood Biosocial

    Have my first child.
  • Late Adulthood Psychosocial

    Retire and travel with my future husband.
  • Late Adulthood Biosocial

    Still being able to run around with my grandkids.
  • Late Adulthood Cognitive

    Join a book club, or stay up to date with geneology to keep my brain sharp.
  • Death