The Conflict and Compromise of the Venezuelan Socioeconomic Crisis

Timeline created by cbonilla320
  • Chavez Takes Office

    Takes office after winning 1998 election
  • Re-election

    Chavez is Re-elected under new constitution for a six-year term
  • Comeback

    Abortive coup. Chavez returns to power after two days
  • Victory

    Chavez wins recall referendum on whether he should serve out rest of his term
  • Re-election (again)

    Chavez wins another six-year term with 63%
  • A Minor Set Back

    Chavez loses constitutional referendum which included proposal to allow the president to run indefinitely for office
  • More Chavez

    Chavez wins referendum that lifts term limits on elected officials
  • Majority Rules

    Chavez party wins majority in National Assembly elections but opposition gets some 40% of seats
  • Health Issues

    Chavez reveals he is being treated for cancer
  • Chemo

    Chavez undergoes further operation in Cuba
  • Re-election (again again)

    Chavez is Re-elected for further six-year term
  • Death Of Chavez

    Hugo Chavez dies of cancer