The cause

  • South Carolina Secedes

    South Carolina Secedes
    South Carolina seceded from the US due to the increasing hostility towards slave states. South Carolina did not like the idea of a country that is half slave and half free.
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    The reasons for secession in the south
  • Mississippi Secedes

    Mississippi Secedes
    Mississippi did not like the fact that Lincoln was elected president. So they had to make a choice, be with the union which included Lincoln as president and free blacks or secede with the old constitutional bond of the union which included slavery and no Lincoln.
  • Florida Secedes

    Florida Secedes
  • Alabama Secedes

    Alabama Secedes
    Alabama did not like Lincolns ideas when it came to slavery and saw the election of President Lincoln as an open declaration of war. This lead to secession and eventually war.
  • Georgia Secedes

    Georgia Secedes
    The fact that slavery was to be outlawed in the western territories upset the state of Georiga. They saw the western slavery as a way to make a lot of money for the country.
  • Louisiana Secedes

    Louisiana Secedes
    Louisiana saw the change in the United States as takeing away the souths freedoms and decided to secede to keep there freedoms.
  • Texas Secedes

    Texas Secedes
    Texas thought that blacks had no right to be free and that there only role in life is to be slaves. When blacks were being freed and slavery was beggining to be prohibited Texas seceded.
  • Jefferson Davis elected president of Confederacy

  • Lincolns inaguration

    In Lincolns speech he said that he hoped he could settle the national crisis without warefare and that he would do nothing about slavery in the states that already had slavery.
  • Attack on Fort Sumter

    This is the opening engagement of the war. South attacked North. No deaths
  • Virgina Secedes

    With the secession of Virgina Richmond would become the Confederate Capital.
  • Arkansas Secedes

    The people of Arkansas saw secession as good and bad. They wanted to stay with the Union because they had no problem with the changes but they agree with everything the confederacy stood for so they chose secession.
  • Tennessee Secedes

  • North Carolina Secedes

    North Carolina excluded Lincoln from the voting ballats and when he was elected North Carolina did not accept that and eventually seceded.