The Catholic Church in Australia

By joshh69
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    The Catholic Church in Australia

  • First Catholics

    The first Catholics in Australia were convicts. Aprroximatley 40 000 Irish convicts came to Australia.
  • Rebellion against the Government

    William Johnston assembled three hundred outside Sydney. He led them in rebellion against the Government at Castle Hill in New South Wales.
  • First Official Catholic Priests

    It was not until 1820 that the first official Catholic Priests, Fathers Therry and Conolly arrived.
  • First Catholic Churches Built

    By the 1830's the first Catholic Churches were being built.
  • Bishops in most states

    By 1861 there were Catholic Bishops in Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Education Acts

    In Victoria the state Government passed a series of Education Acts. The substance of these acts was that education for all children was now to be free, compulsory and secular.
  • Therry and Conolly began Catholic Schools.

    Up untill 1872, the colonial governments gave moeny to any denomination that wanted to run schools, since there was no developed state system of education at the time. Therry and Conolly began a small and struggling Catholic system of schools.
  • Beginning of the Labour Party

    The Labour Party in Australia began in the 1890s from the trade union movement. Catholics joined the Labour Party as they believed the other parties were run by anti-Catholic Protestant groups. Catholics believed that the Labour Party was the only political party that was not biased towards Catholics.
  • Cardinal Moran

    Cardinal Moran was named Cardinal under a year in his service in Australia. He was very popular with the Irish as himself was an Irish.
    He believe that the Catholics should enter into political activity and be active in thier social and political world in oder to change it.
    In his leadership he consecrated 14 Bishops, ordained five hundred preists and deticaded more than five thousand churches.
  • Dissapointment with the Labour Party

    When the Labour Party won victory in both State and Federal elections, it was obvious that the large number of Catholics within the party had helped them win.
    The premier was seen with an atheist and this lead to the outrage of the Catholics who had voted in the premier. It was clear that the Labour Party were benefiting from the loyalty of Catholics, and that their Catholic beliefs and ideals were not being respected.
  • Dr Manix Education Campain

    With the support of other Catholics, Dr Manix started his campaign to persuade Catholics not tp vote for anti-Catholic politicians in elections. This campiagn was about the Labour party ignoring the Catholic education and this meant that if Labour ignored Catholic education the Labour party would definatley loss votes from the Catholic Communtiy.
  • The Victorian Catholic Workers Association.

    The Victorian Catholic Workers Association, a group of Catholic members of the Labour Party, formed with the support of bishops to work within the Labour Party for educational justice.