The baby boom

By edc
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    The baby boom

    In two decades seventy-million children are born in the U.S. This happens because the economy was doing good for the first time in a long time, and millions of soldiers had just came back from war. This starts a brand new generation.
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    Wars & Economy

    World War II, The Korean War, and Vietnam cause the economy to grow and new weapons industries are created.
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    The sixties

    In the sixties america held 40% of the worlds money, but only had 6% of the population showing the amount of prosperity The U.S. had at this time.
  • Suburbs Grow.

    Because of the invention of the automobile and the growing population more people could live farther away from where they worked causing extremely rapid growth of the suburbs during the baby boom.
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    Baby boomers burst through america.

    During this time America saw the most prosperous times since the depression. This was the first time that parents had enough money to give their children allowance boosting the economy as the market targeted the younger generation. Also, this caused a new slue of products to be invented by the children born in this generation.
  • Economic Growth.

    In ten years the average income of ameriacns doubled.
  • Economic Gap

    In twenty years the gap between the rich and the poor decreases from almost 90% of the income with the rich to only 20%.
  • More Growth

    In ten more years the average income doubles again.