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The Axis/Nazi Party

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    The Axis/Nazi Party

  • Event 1

    Germany was suffering from the loss of World War 2 and needed a leader to rise up to lead the country into an era of success. Adolf Hitler was that leader, but only some believed he was the right fit. The Nazi party held it's first march in Munich, Germany. They tried to overthrow local authorities but it failed miserably. As a result Hitler and many other Nazi leaders were imprisoned. At his trial Hitler spent hours gaining support from public officials and other individuals in the courtroom.
  • Event 2

    During his five year sentence he wrote a book entitled Mein Kampf. This book detailed Hitler's radical thinking about nationalism, antisemitism, and anti-Bolshevism. His ideas of social Darwinism shaped the beliefs and practices of the Nazi Party over the next couple of years. When Hitler was released from prison after only one year, he had the book published. He began rebuilding the Nazi Party and waiting to gain some sort of political power in Germany.
  • Event 3

    After a political win in the German parliament, occupying 12 spots, the Nazi party was the grew stronger and became the largest party. This set Hitler up for his succesful election as chancellor. With the Nazi party in such influencial positions in society, new laws arose to constrict the activities of the Jewish individuals living in Germany. During this time, he formed alliances with Italy and Japan to form the Axis.
  • Event 4

    Bands of Nazis and other Germans, encouraged by the Nazi dominated government, attacked many of the Jewish synagogues and many of the Jewish businesses and homes in Germany. They broke windows and wrote anti-semitic slogans on the walls. Approwimately 100 people - including Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and people with disabilites - were killed and approxiamtely 30,000 were rounded up and sent to labor camps.
  • Event 5

    After the complete occupation of Germany, Hitler decided to move onto new territory in Holland. Many people had flocked here as a retreat from the Nazi activity in Germany, but the threat followed them. The Nazi party occupied Holland and thus began the secone World War.
  • Event 6

    As if Hitler's activity thus far had not been terrible and completely inhumane, the Nazi party meets in secret to discuss Hitler's next plan. They called this "The Final Solution". The final solution was Hitler's plan for a once and for all extermination of all the Jewish people. This meeting shaped the next couple of years of Hitler's reign.
  • Event 7

    German army surrendered at Stalingrad, Russia after a battle lasting five months. Italy followed suit months later and surrendered. In the months to come, allied armies landed in France as Operation Overlord began the liberation of Europe.
  • Event 8

    After the Ally invasion, the end was in sight. The first camp liberated was Auschwitz. Ally forces found approximately 7,500 individuals still alive; over a half-milion were sent. The next camp to be liberated was Bergen-Belsen - here more bodies were found dead than alive. In the next fews weeks, all the rest of the camps were liberated - totals report that over 6 million Jewish, homosexual, gypsy, and disabled were killed. But, Europe was finally liberated from the terrorous reign of the Nazis
  • Event 9

    Hitler's reign is over! Bringing these horrible individuals tojustice was next on the Ally party's list of things to do. Cowardly, Adolf Hitler and his wife committed suicide to avoid having to surrender to ally parties. Top Nazi leaders were brought into trial in Nuremburg, Germany. Some sentenced to death, others to long prison sentences.