The American Dream

By allie72
  • 1750-1800

    The American dream was to build a nation based on religious freedom. Contributing to the process and working for freedom was what every American wanted.
  • 1800-1850

    Manifest Destiny was what the American dream circulated around during this time. Expanding America to coast to coast was what the American people dreamed of in the 1800s
  • 1850-1900

    Working until death and supporting family was what Americans desired to do.
  • 1900- 1910

    1900- 1910
    Life Liberty and the Presuit of Happiness was the American dream.
  • 1910- 1920

    1910- 1920
    Glamorous lifestles were important. The material objects were important and parties became popular. Living in the lap of luxury was the American dream
  • 1920-1929

    The 1920s were a time of glamour and no stress for Americans. Parties and having a luxurious lifestyle is what Americans dreamed of.
  • 1929-1940

    Americans were strugglinf through the Great Derpession and they only dream became to make it through the depression and putting food on the dinner table.
  • 1950- 1960

    1950- 1960
    The American dream was for all of the reaces to be equal and to stop the violence towards the African Americans
  • 2000-2012

    Becoming a millionare, starring on a realilty show, and becoming a celebrity is the new American dream. Becoming rich and famous in any way possible is what American seek to do.