The 39 clues

  • Chapter 1

    Grace Cahill changes her will 5 minutes before she dies but the reader doesn't know what it is.
  • Chapter 2

    Amy and Dan Cahill, Grace's grandchildren, go to her funeral. At her funeral, they see many relatives and many people they don't know. Of the 400 people, 40 are chosen to listen to her will. They have a choice to either get a million dollars or to take up a challenge to become the most powerful people on earth.
  • Chapter 3

    Dan and Amy's caretaker Aunt Beatrice tells them to take the money or she will send them to social services. They accept the challenge. The Kabras,the Holts, Irena Spasky, Alistair Oh, the Starlings, Jonah Wizard and Dan and Amy are the 7 teams. Everyone else takes the money.
  • Chapter 4

    They receive the first clue. Amy and Dan go to Grace's library to try and find explanations for the clue. Once there, Dan notices a crest with 4 letters: E, T, J and L, standing for the 4 clans of Cahill: Ekaterina, Tomas, Janus and Lucian. It reveals a secret stairwell.
  • Chapter 5

    In the library, Amy finds out the clue is related to a book Benjamin Franklin wrote, called Poor Richard's Almanack. Inside it, they find a note written by their mum saying: Benjamin Franklin, first clue: Maze of Bones. But the mansion sets fire and Alistair Oh steals the book.
  • Chapter 6

    They get back home and hire their babysitter to take them wherever they need to go. They exchange Grace's jewelery and Dan's card collection for money and book 3 tickets for Philadelphia because Benjamin Franklin spent some time there.
  • Chapter 7

    Irina meets the Kabras in a café and they think that Dan and Amy need to be out of the race. Irina must set a trap, but the reader doesn't know what it is.
  • Chapter 8

    Amy and Dan get a letter from Grace's willmaker, Mr Mcintyre, with a black light reader which reveals secret messages. They go to a place that has Benjamin Franklin's private letters on display and see if they can find secret messages. They find one saying: Soon I must leave, this place of wonder, but I leave behind, what hath driven my clan asunder. The Starlings arrive but an evil man dressed in black sets a bomb intended for Dan and Amy but it blows up the Starlings instead.
  • Chapter 9

    Dan and Amy meet Mr McIntyre and he tells them not to give up and that the Starlings are not dead but it will take months for them to recover. They give him Saladin, Grace's cat, and then Amy has a brainwave. They book tickets to Paris.
  • Chapter 10

    Alistair Oh is at the airport but he bumps into the Kabras. They try to take the book off him but he manages to get away by saying he has fresh fruit. But next he gets punched in the face but we don't know who it is.
  • Chapter 11

    When they land, they meet Jonah Wizard, who invites them in his limousine. He suggests that they join teams but Amy and Dan say no. They see Irina Spasky with the book and they start to follow her.
  • Chapter 12

    They follow Irina until they get to the Lucian stronghold. There is a surprisingly low amount of guards. Dan picks up a battery thing that Benjamin Franklin invented. They find out that they need to get to 23 Rue des Jardins. Then they get spotted but they manage to escape by jumping out the window.
  • Chapter 13

    The Holts rented an ice-cream van which they're driving. The reader finds out that they set fire to the mansion and they put that bomb in the museum. They plan on following the Cahills, assuming Dan and Amy have the book.
  • Chapter 14

    The address leads them to a graveyard and they find a pit with their names on it. They fall inside and then the Holts arrive. They ask Amy to tell what the clue means and the'll take her out. The security guards arrive with shovels, so Amy suspects they'll dig them up. They get pulled out by the Holts and they start battling. The Holts knock 4 of the 6 thugs out and Dan takes out his battery and throws it at the 2 thugs. It knocks them out as well as the Holts. They escape from the graveyard.
  • Chapter 15

    Dan and Amy tell their babysitter, Nellie, about everything. Amy does some research and makes the connection between the Maze of Bones and the Catacombs, a underground tunnel of human bones. They know the bones must date from 1785 because that's the last year Benjamin Franklin was in Paris. They arrive there and meet Alistair Oh who proposes an alliance between them but Dan and Amy refuse. He holds the Kabras off for as long as he can while Dan and Amy enter the Catacombs.
  • Chapter 16 Part 1

    They make their way through the Catacombs until they find a square of 16 skulls shaped like a magic box. The missing numbers are 12, 5 and 14. The Kabras arrive and try to stun them with a dart gun. But uncle Alistair creeps up behind them and jumps on her to let Dan, Amy and Nellie get away. They come to an underground metro station which they climb through and get back to the ground.
  • Chapter 16 Part 2

    They go to another library to research the numbers 12, 5 and 14 and come to a conclusion that the clue is in a small church. They make their way there to try and beat the Kabras.
  • Chapter 17

    They dig up a hollow grave which eventually comes to a staircase. Down they go until they come to a small vase with a sheet of music and a glass vial with a note saying: As thou charge this, so I charge thee. Use thy skills the truth to free. Then Jonah Wizard arrives.
  • Chapter 18

    They run back up only to find Alistair Oh and Irina Spasky. Eisenhower Holt throws a box of ice-cream aiming for Dan and Amy but it hits Alistair and Irina. Dan and Amy run upstairs to try and charge the vial with energy. Amy manages to do it but the Kabras tie up Dan and tell Amy they've poisoned him and they're holding the antidote which they'll exchange for the vial. Amy does it and the Kabras leave but Dan tells her they hadn't poisoned him. The Holts arrive but Amy tells them it's too late.
  • Chapter 19

    Amy realises the clue to the next clue wasn't the vial but the sheet of music. It's written by Mozart so Mozart's their next lead for the 2nd clue. On the first miniclue, it said the word RESOLUTION which Dan works out is an anagram for IRON SOLUTE, an ingredient used for chemistry, which is the first clue.