The 1700's History

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  • St. Peterburg Founded

    St. Peterburg Founded
    St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great in Russia. This city was Russia's capital city. Open to year-long trade.
  • Louis XIV dies

    Louis XIV dies
    When the death of Louis happened, he left many debts and many enemies. It was a shame because he wanted to dominate Europe. He had reigned from May 1643 to Sept 1715.
  • Table of Ranks

    Table of Ranks
    Table of Ranks was created by Peter the Great and displayed the rankings of military, government, and court of Imperial Russia. It was brought up in 1722, during the reign of Peter the Great. It included the military, civil and court, dividing each into 14 ranks (grades)
  • Charles VI dies

    Charles VI dies
    Charles VI died without a male heir. Before he passed he signed something called the Pragmatic Sanction. This document said that the empire could be passed to a female. Which meant his daughter Maria Theresa would now take the throne.
  • Seven Years War Began

    Seven Years War Began
    The Seven Years War began and involved Prussia, which was still under the rule of Fredrick the Great and Great Britain. Along with Austria, France, and Russia.
  • Last Encyclopedia Published

    Last Encyclopedia Published
    Diderot published the last encyclopedia after 27 years of writing them. French leaders said the encyclopedia criticized the church, the government, and the legal system. The government tried to stop the publication of them in 1759.
  • Economic Crisis

    Economic Crisis
    During the French Revolution, there was an economic crisis. There was a shortage of goods and prices increased on everyday items. This went on from 1787 to 1788
  • New Constitution

    New Constitution
    Delegates met in Philadelphia to revise the articles of the Constitution. Instead, they ended up writing a new constitution. This document remains the oldest written constitution still today.